Samaria Rhett

Hello Sri Master Gano Grills,

I attended the Sequence of Power seminar in LA, where I received a Celestial touch and third eye activation.  Being somewhat new to this new way of thinking and being, I was quite sceptical of being there, but yet excited.  It was an amazing experience, as it was the first time I met likeminded individuals.  So here it goes, although I really liked all of the words of power, there was one in particular that really resonated with me.  I often felt that I belonged among the stars and have always been sooooooo into movies and television shows regarding the Airforce and secret military space missions, interdimensional beings, aliens, and advanced technology.  I mean, like literally, if there were individuals to be selected for interstellar travel, I would want to be one of those ‘qualified’ chosen individuals.  Okay, so here we go, back to my experience. Six days after receiving the words of power I decided to prepare myself to sit and say the words over and over and over again.  As I began to say the words, I tried to focus my mind with intent.  Even though the skepticism was still right at the back of my mind, my intent was still directed.  I did not see anything or feel anything…initially.  But that night, I stayed the night at my friend’s house, and then something amazing happened.  When my recording (dream) began, I came across some beings, it was like a family reunion, you know those family reunions were you haven’t seen your cousin since you were four.  Or as if meeting your great-grand Aunt for the first time, like that. We talked and mingled for a while then I asked them their names.  Oh my goodness! Why did I do that?  See, I knew that they were visiting from somewhere other than Earth and for some reason, I was not surprised.  When they said their names, well the particular being I was speaking too, it was soooo loud.  It was if their voice was directly within my head.  It was a name that I could not articulate with my vocals, like a mixture of sounds and vibration, or frequencies, if that makes any sense. Well, unfortunately I did not stay in my recording long as the sound was so loud I had awakened.  But boy do I look forward to my next interaction with them.