Ronald Lindsey

Many Blessings Sir, I AM SO Grateful. The Great Grandfather ( Jade Emperor ) has opened the door and I have just been awarded a five year million dollar contract with Home Depot. Upgrading the technology in their stores. I was praying and fasting so hard for this blessing. I felt so bad about not being able to stay in Los Angeles for DAY 2 of the the seminar but I knew I had to be back in Atlanta to start this project. faith. Your teachings and insight have been such a blessing. I AM your next student. I AM grateful. I AM going to order my alter and my medallion as soon as I get me check. Many Blessings to Racina and Alicia for the warmth and comfort they gave me during the seminar. I am sitting hear in tears of JOY that I cannot put into to words. If you know anyone in the Atlanta area that needs a job I WILL hire them. Thank you so much. YOU ARE a Blessing. I AM GRATEFUL.   MANY BLESSINGS Ronald Lindsey Your NEXT STUDENT If there is ANYTHING I can do to further your mission do not hesitate to let me know.