Selika Kevii

Selika Kevii

One day A mutual friend Hank Risingsun had 3 wayed Gano into a phone conversation and introduced Gano to me. I proceeded to tell him about the Crystal skulls and also told him that I was a seer. Gano jokingly asked if I could see who he was?

I asked Gano if he knew who he was.? He gave me a generic answer, that he was a Blackman in America trying to make it.

When I opened up my Spiritual vision to look at him remotely, I got the shock of my life . I began speaking in tongues for  about 3 minutes as I never have before. Gano is a profoundly strong powerful spirit that I could not put into words. Only the conveyance of speaking in tongues could reveal who Gano IS.

His energy caused my chakras to spin out of control and left me exhaserbated and euphoric at the same time. Gano has helped me deeply on my path of enlightenment and I consider him, my guardian Angel.

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Larry Abramov

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“What Is a miracle ? A miracle is something you cannot put in words that after it happens you are in awe in utter amazement of the fact that what you thought was not true just happened a confirmation that there is world’s beyond our widest imagination,  that we are gods waiting to be awakened
Ive been on a spiritual journey for about a year now,  6 months constantly and I have never had a visual off all my spiritual work I have done but on Sunday November 21,2014 my induction to become a reiki master was more then I expected. During the initiation, Gano asked the students to bring some notes on the experience off all the attunements we have done throughout the week. I didn’t bring any notes because out off all the spiritual work I’ve been doing I have only felt vibrations, swaying of my body and  the energy rising from my root chakra basically nothing spectacular in my eyes and same goes for the attunements. One student of Ganos,I know personally had a long list off his experiences with the attunements mostly visual aspects of yet I haven’t experienced yet. So during our intermission I proceed to ask my questions of why I haven’t experienced a visual on all my spiritual work and  concluded that the spirits thought I wasn’t ready. But in the next hour I had no more questions.

During the initiation when one of the students was administering reiki to me I met my Divine parent. I had a vision that I was in my room meditating in my normal position when a huge light being came thru my window I couldn’t make out his face but I left my physical body and he proceed to give me a hug and say I love you son. When I opened my eyes I thought it was my imagination so I proceed to ask gano did I just imagine that or was that real. Gano told me that I have just experienced a miracle that the odds of that happening where  in the billions. I had better chances of winning the lottery lol. I still had my doubts I thought I was imagining something but I couldn’t stop smiling for some reason I felt like I have finally received confirmation in the biggest way but i was still doubtful.

Later Gano has told us that Arch angel Gabrielle had given him a new assignment to cut the celestial cords that were binding us to situations, people, relationships,  material aspects and much more. I first watch a young woman get here cords cut and dough I did not see anything amazing my gut told me that I had to do it so I followed my gut and boy was i right. During the session Gano first asked permission from my Divine parents, Arch angel Gabrielle,to cut my cords, as soon as he put his hands on my head I left to another place. I felt really really tall and I saw Gano as a really tall being taller then I was, we were in the sky and all I could see was clouds beneath my feet I can feel the energy being pulsated through my head. After that vision which was very powerful might I add I saw the statue in Rio De Janeiro the one that over sees the city. As soon as Gano was done he took his hand off my head and I came back to reality this Time  I had no  doubt  that this wasn’t my imagination. I told Gano my experience and he just smiled. I asked him about what was that and he said that I have seen a version of mine and Ganos 6th dimensional self which made sense because we were about 50 ft tall, just like the 4 beings in Saqqara ,Egypt.Then I asked what the statue meant and he stated that it meant I was on my way to Christ consciousness which I was delighted to hear considering all the research I have done on it
So there you have it 2 miracles in less then an hour coming from a person that hasn’t experienced a visual since I have been on this spiritual journey. Guess the spirits thought I was ready.  Just wanted to say thank you to the students for being there because it was there energy that assisted in this and special thanks to Gano Grills it was a very enlightenting experience and I thank you dearly. For all those who have doubts I was just like you once all I say is open your hearts primarily then your mind there is an endless world of possibilities if your just willing to accept divine  love. We are on this planet chasing the wrong things it should be enlightenment not the pieces of paper that you think make you somebody. Although it is a necessity in this 3d world  it shouldn’t be our goal. We were never meant to die and reincarnate over and over again. Follow your spirit it will take you to amazing places it will show you who you really are who you are meant to be. Namaste my friends may your experience be as joy is as mine

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I was born Eleanor Harvey eye have evolved to become KemetAnkha Ankh Nebhu, My transformational journey beginning from the moments of my Pre-Awakening until now have been equaled only to the Ancient Parables of our Ancestral Forces from galaxies far from here. The telling of my journey, through the guidance of my powerful and loving ancestor’s, has literally lead me Ultimately to, The Beloved Teacher & Healer, Gano Grills shortly after my solar return day in February of 2012. I had previously been diagnosis with a tumor in my Left knee bone morrow in addition to having a torn meniscus. (extremely painful) Through Gano’s powerful phone calls and guidance, eye continued on my path of Awakened-Enlightenment. Eye was taught the power of Sungazing and Meditational Healing through the 1st eye and body ChakaRA’s inner-tuning importance. This Summer of was gifted the universal opportunity to visit The Motherland for 14 amazing days with Dr. Umar Ifatunde Johnson’s 1st Re-Africanization Tour to Ghana. It was the most amazing experience of my life up until this point. As much as eye tried to hide if from those around me, eye found myself in the most excruciating amount of pain in my left knee. I thought the worst….perhaps the tumor has grown and now these past 2 years of hard work has been for not? The voices of my ancestors in the Motherland said to me call Gano…..Eye did not heed the message….eye returned from Africa even more changed in my spirit but the pain in my body was consuming me. Eye returned to my doctor and agreed to set a date for surgery. As the time for my surgery became near, eye had a vision of Gano laying hands on me inside of what appeared to be an ancient temple of sorts. Eye received the healing in spirit but still did not reach out to him as the ancestor’s had requested of me in Africa weeks prior. Then one day, a few days prior to my surgery eye receive a message from Gano standing in white light inside of a Khemetic Temple in none other than Egypt!

The vision of my healing came to me immediately and eye reached out to Gano with out hesitation of my situation. Eye was fighting my fears of what the outcome would reveal. Gano immediately preformed a healing over me from Khemet. He spoke “5” very specific words and called on the assistance of 3 Deities. Eye went into surgery with a song on my heart….Literally! Eye came too under anesthesia hearing myself singing, “Kiss By A Rose” on the operating table, Eye could hear the nurse saying, “OMG look she’s still singing!” The next time eye came to the chorus eye could hear the doctor and both nurses singing along with me. The miraculous result was the news from the doctor saying that my tumor had completely DESOLVED!!!! My healing process has been purposely painful but eye recently had my stitches removed and my scare has healed into the shape of THE ANKH! Eye should have been surprised by this miraculous sign from the Ancients but what eye find is an overwhelming amount of GRATITUDE!

EYE AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL & EYE GIVE THANKH’s 2 U Gano for always being there for me when ever eye reach out to you. Eye am even more excited about attending the initiation with you in Egypt 2015!

I Mer Tu Beloved Teacher,

Shm Em RA (Walk In The Light OF GOD)

Wendy Mack

Wendy InTheStillness

Days after the Gano Grills Multidimensional self workshop, in Hackney London, I received a cheque for £500 and took an initiatively driven decision to end my work contract earlier than planned. As a result, I went to Kemet (EGYPT), this was also unplanned. During my time there, I had a number of personal experiences, however, the ones more relevant to the workshop I attended where,

I made a personal request to Gano Grills to receive the ‘gift’ of making a direct connection with a DIVINE BEING.I wasn’t clear who I wanted to connect to, however I was clear I wanted ‘Clarity’. I might also add that I let about four people who were queuing up for Gano’s gift, since the resonation vibration in my body, or its frequency, was so high, I was rooted to the spot. I eventually went up and made my request and took the chair and received my blessing from Gano .

During my time in Kemet, I had three photos taken of me and I took photos in the same spot of my companion. In all three of my photos was a yellow Orb. I researched, but would need validation, that the yellow Orb represents the Archangel Jophiel who assists in deepening our intuition & awareness for clearer sight. This ‘sight’ couldn’t have been more clearer. Thank you Gano Grills.