Brent Bustos

  Galighticus family I was instructed to give a detailed account of certain events that have transpired since the monumental VegaStar Big Picture Seminar. So many blessings and events to chronicle but here it goes. Prior to packing for the trip I asked for my Sekhmet blessing from the Creator KandEl the flame rose. I said “Yes”. I made an offering to Lord Ganesha that afternoon a beautiful statue for my altar just appeared at my local spiritual shop that was meant for me to take home. That night while ironing and packing singing my Kundalini song with AA MichaEl burning the lights went on and off the transformer down the street blew. And my son runs upstairs from out of the shower saying something touched his shoulder. I got chills and tod him it was an angel. There is more background to that story but this has to be edited. Once in town my friend Adrienne and I were the last people to leave to the Divine Feminine Sekhmet Temple but yet we got lost and passed no one on the road knowingly yet arrived before most everybody. Time travel with the full moon and the clocks turning back ???? The ritual was beyond awesome. The Kundalini activation was powerful no doubt as I have previously enjoyed growing in my ability to administer healing energy as well as receive. At the Seminar a gentleman student by the name of Brian shared a story about his endowments from Archangel MichaEl that hit me so deeply and struck a chord in me that I got the very same chills from the two nights previous. There is more background that must be edited out. So standing in the back to process I ask a young man his name and he says…”Angel ????” (Lorann Danielle Davis’s son) Now I am really beside myself. Continuing to stay in the back, a group of ladies enter the room and sit in the back row. I feel a nervous energy and unfriendly vibe. Some giving me stink eye. I say oh well and don’t trip. I noticed a lot of bustling in and out of the room with them and I venture outside. I see them gathered around Taren Guy and I see she has a growing following. However the night before in my hotel room I started watching a YouTube video of hers and had to cut it off. Zero Resonance with me but hey she’s part of the movement so I keep pushing. Then it gets deeper. As I look at her from afar her appearance is not unpleasant but as I scan lower I get a “demon seed” interpretation like she’s been getting down with dark beings and I am not referring to melanation. Liz appropriates it extra sensory details that confirms my suspicion.Turns out by the end of the Seminar it was a feeble attack on the Galighticus family ,namely Sri Master. I know some girls were ready to take their earrings off and get some Vaseline. I take a long walk to the restroom to purposely pass by. I want to escort them out but I had seen such patience and tolerance from Sri Master in the Seminar that I didn’t want to lower the standard. I later got the approval to remove said beings but they were gone. Hindsight tells me that was when Our feminine goddess powers were praying them away saving me the trip. I equate the whole scenario to a Pomeranian trying to take on a Rottweiler. Now for the real deal. My first night back in my bed I got a text at 4:44 and 5:55 am from my Power Ranger friends Erica and Adrienne. It started off like the Kundalini energy lights of pink and purple. Ok I get this all the time especially when sending healing energy. THEN a portal opens I go through, another portal opens I go through again. The next portal looks exactly like the picture of the SOP Ooaht chaeen sorees and I utter that as I ascend through. I arrive in a dark room in front of a dark wall which is like a tablet or monolithic. All of a sudden these red digital lights like a neon sign flow onto this wall and take these amazing formations and geometric patterns similar to those massive schools of small fish that swim together in that vortex pattern. The pattern disappears and I immediately think “download”. Next I see some beings that are orange with dark oval eyes no corneas all black and they’re shorter in stature. They appear to only be observing me but I feel them as friendly. More gather and more gather until the eyes vanish and they become one big ball of orange light that flies away. Next scene I am with my dad wife and a kitty that I assume to be my daughter. We’re having a great time laughing smiling then I look up and see Sri Master with his arms in the air gesturing towards his wrist like “It’s time to go!”  

Lucy Palin

  Greetings Lord Sri Master Gano Grills and Galighticus!! I had a dream today and scared me. In the dream I was in my aunt’s house whose name in real life is Nilsa. I walked down her hallway that was white and two rooms was to my right. I went to turn off the lights in the room but they would come back on numerous times. Well I went to my aunt and said Titi Nilsa something is wrong with me and she said what. So I told her while we was in her living room on the couch and the next thing I know I see a spirit crawling towards me I screamed and then another spirit appeared in my face and then another came behind me in black through the couch and then all of a sudden I went on the floor and a little boy appeared and said I miss my family and I said I miss my family too. The next thing I know I felt fingers near my butt and on my private part. I could not see this spirit but I felt the hands rubbing on me and I tried to stop what it was doing. So I told my aunt to wake up my husband who was in the other room sleeping when she woke him he tried to help me but the spirits was holding him down and he was like crippled trying to fight them. So i went to another room which in this room was animals and spirits I believe there was a lion or tiger in the room. Well as I started to look up to summoning up all my strength in me I saw there was no roof the sky was very dark. I then breathed in really hard and both hands was straight down and i made a fist and looked up and called on Archangel Michael as I could not get all of his name out of my mouth the second time but when I called him a blue light appeared above in the dark and it was bright then I called your name loud with all my might and said SRI MASTER GANO GRILLS when i called your name out the spirits said we heard that name and when they figured out who you was they were so angry and furious with me for calling your name. Next thing I know I woke up and was scared by my dream. It has been a very very long time since I had dreams of me fighting spirits. What does this mean? Oh my husband could see what was going on but not my aunt. I know I have been giving alot of people I meet your site and explaining some of your Kandles and some videos you have based on the individuals issue. I also meet a lady the same night I had this dream and told her about the abortion Kandle because she had four abortions. One individual that I told about you was so moved he just recently went to your seminar in New York and got his Khords cut.   The second dream I had I was in some city and it was being taken over by the ocean I had my sister with me and somehow I was able to hold her while the water was taken over the city but I was getting tired trying to hold her and stay afloat in the water so I yelled Archangel Michael and the next thing I know he came behind me and pushed me and my sister through the water. He did not let me see him but he came quick and his power was MASSIVE. He saved us but others were drowning.   Thank You, Lulu

Racina Benedict (5-Star Student & Officer)

  I was doing the 11/11 ritual…this kand-el instead of burning straight down the middle it burns in a U-shape…so today the elegua kand-el decides to have a mind of its own and a piece of the top snaps off and literally jumps into the pot I have on my altar with my ancestor money in it…after my 11/11… I burn some ancestor money and the piece of the kand-el caught fire…when Sri Master Gano speaks of the power of these kand-els…it’s ok point…this is just one of many experiences I’ve had with them. Anyone else have any experiences recently they’d like to share? Much love and continued success to the Galighticus family

Kimeta Jerrick

Good night SRI Master Gano Grills I did the first Attunements I was sitting and I did the first Kundalini Reiki and I saw I was in Egypt and someone was placed in my hands when I open my hand it was like a crystal one black and one white crystal but the black crystal change color and I saw you with Egyptian clothes and then I was in a ship and I was touring all over Egypt and then it took me to like 1960 and I was in this house and I was a healer and this woman came to me and she was having stomach pain and after that I was in a field of grass and wheat and I was picking herbs so I can make for my client that came to me I want back in time and saw you SRI Master Gano Grills and the Jade Emperor and he gave me necklace in my hand and told to where it

Carlos Vazquez

  Greetings Sri Master Gano Grills. My name is Carlos my wife Sally is part of you Initiate program. We attended the seminar this past weekend In las Vegas and you had asked me to get back to you on how my leg/ankle is feeling. My leg/ankle have never felt this good. Immediately after the Khord cutting I felt different sensations from my ankle to my knee, I felt the healing that was taking place. Thank you. I thank you for the wealth of information you gave us this past weekend. I also want to thank you for confirming/validating what I had always felt/thought since my childhood about Christianity. I had always felt something wasn’t right and to have that validated was truly incredible, thank You. After this weekend I feel liberated. I feel that I no longer have to dial down or hide my spirituality and can finally be completely open & receptive to where my spiritual journey takes me. Once again thank You and as I am writing this I am picturing myself kneeling at your feet taking blessings. Namaste.   PS: Before the seminar started while you were sitting at the computer I had a hard time bringing you in to focus. I saw white light surrounding you(maybe your Aura) and when I concentrated and brought you into focus I saw the silhouette of wings coming from your back.

Audra Richards

  I was really going to wait until I at least did 7 days of KAndEL work before writing a testimony. However, the first night’s experience has changed all of that because it was so incredible.   I had just gotten back from the seminar in Vegas. I had the Kundalini Reiki activation, my Khords cut and my Third Eye activated that weekend. Wow! I also improved the vibration of my altar by burning ancestor money every night and adding offerings of food, flowers, pictures of Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel and the Creator KAndEL I just purchased in Vegas.   It’s now Friday morning around 1:30am. After speaking with Sri Master Gano Grills much earlier Thursday night, let’s just say I was in a state of emotional purging. There were a lot of things I was feeling and needed to get off my chest. I prayed to my ancestors and to Archangel Michael. Pleaded actually. When I lit the KAndEL I just sat there and stared at the flame. Not sure what to expect if anything. It was a slow burn and at the same time soothing. When the 30 minutes were up, I snuffed out the KAndEL and went to bed. I didn’t fall asleep right away, but probably around 3am onwards I saw Sri Master Gano Grills in a dream.   There was a procession going on, like a parade or a formation of soldiers. I was standing on the sidelines looking on. I saw our beloved Sri Master walking amongst shadows that I couldn’t distinguish. He was wearing what looked like a gladiator uniform that the very fabric was made from light; or threads of light were sewn into his body armor. Projected right above him was what I could only describe as a stacked skyscraper sized version of…himself. He had wings and he was mostly made of all light! When I say skyscraper, I literally mean like a building with 40-50 floors!!   The Sri Master Gano Grills that was dressed like a gladiator turned and looked at me. No words were spoken just an acknowledgment of seeing me in the crowd. The skyscraper Sri Master Gano Grills I guess was too enormous to fathom something so small as my presence. The other onlookers on the sidelines were also shadows I couldn’t distinguish but there was a deep reverence. After he passed by me I slipped away from the crowd.   Tonight I will burn the KAnd-EL for day 2. This is a hard act to follow but I’m open to whatever the Divine has in store for me to witness as an acknowledgment of my growing spiritual enlightenment.   Thank you, Sri Master Gano Grills for creating a vehicle like Galighticus, which allows experiences, like this to be possible. This is all so new to me since I’m just starting on this particular path of my spiritual growth. And I’m looking forward to the abundance of blessings and challenges in validation of my being here.

Anjell Rose

My testimonies from Big Picture Seminar Finale weekend.

  On 11/5  I was hit with the flu  (1 day before the Big Picture Seminar Finale). I was shivering under several blankets. I did reiki on myself then spoke to the universe and my ancestors for assistance in feeling better. I had also been worrying about personal things in my life as well even at this moment.   I immediately received a vision of me standing in front of my home and this tiny old lady with long straight black hair came up to me and hugged me tightly and said don’t worry everything will be alright have patience. I saw thousands of my ancestors coming towards my home. Went inside and my house was packed with people sitting at the dinner table with lots of food and children running around. People were hugging me telling me everything will be ok don’t worry have patience. Then I saw the same   Elephant from my 3rd attunement of my Kundalini activation by the dinner table I stood next to it and it had the same gold over its head and body with green and red gems. It was swinging it’s trunk just happy and smiling and I started to tear because I felt He was telling me It would be ok and to be happy. Then the vision ended.   Later saw A black bird with yellow eyes not of this world. It was Huge almost as big a a teradactle It was flying then just sat on why seemed to be the edge of a rock or something.   Saw My self in a white Gown with long tail which had copper like gems glistening around the outline of my dress and dress tail. I have very dark refined skin and black hair. I lifted my left hand and flew up to Zeus taking my hand and holding me close to him. 11/6 After getting my 3rd eye opened I saw Sri Master Gano Grills on a white horse with wings. He had a gold Vikings helmet on which had 2 little horns on it and to his face was strapped a gold elephant trunk with red in the middle of it. He had gold armor on. He had a Black goatee and He was looking down at me the whole time I was staring lol then he flew up on the horse. The energy around the him and the horse was gold.   After that I saw a being in a black hood. I asked it to reveal it self And when He took the hood off I saw a very long white beard and he had a Trident He tapped the trident on the ground twice and it went dark. Then this place not too far off lit up. It looked like a Very large crystal and 3 medium sized golden rods were above it which formed a pyramid. I couldn’t make out what was in the crystal. I’m thinking this is the God Neptune.     Later that night I had a vision of vmetallic like people I attempted to send them a green heart but they barely paid attention. I attempted to send them a small sun (like a sun emoji) Every one stopped what they were doing and turned around. I didn’t know what to do then so I came out of the vision.

Nathaniel Brown (Student & Officer)

  Thurs-day night after interfacing around 2:30ish AM I looked at the SOPs & WOPs before bed that allows you to open Portal and planes through Time in space as I enter the awake state on the higher realms I was in class with Jennifer and Sri Master Gano Grills was teaching us and introduced us to his (NEW) KAndEL named (Solar Retrieval) it help you to pull in more energy from the Sun(RA) and his New Transducers that allow you to travel through time, you just think where you want to go and you’re there. The transducer also have slots in them that Logged data and codes Ashe/Namaste I am Grateful for your teaching of Sri Master Gano Grills LOVE & LIGHT!!!!   Side note; Nathaniel and Jennifer have applied themselves fully into their expansion and have experienced many divine occurrences throughout their tenure in the Galighticus movement. With that kind of dedication, spiritual opulence is eminent. Nathaniel is one of a select few that have sacred SOP and WOP written directly onto their soul. Challenges will always present themselves in life, but your spiritual fortitude will attenuate the stress of any of life’s rigors. I wore my transducer after we got home last night from the holiday dinner. I interfaced with Lord Thoth for 7min. I then laid down with the transducer front side on my heart chakra as I started to feel the energy for the transducer inter my heart chakra (it was a warm tingly sensation) I then utter the Sop that come with the directions. I immediately fell awake seeing Lord Thoth standing just how he is on the transducer in my first eye and I saw his Atlantian form and human form with the golden head busk. I also saw Sekhmet appear and Sri Lakshmi for the very first time.   Lord Ganesha appeared right after, I was being poked in the arm and feeling light swipes across my forehead. I came back inside myself and took it off as I laid back down I could still fell the energy of the transducer in my heart chakra.
Pamela Dearing

Pamela Dearing

Gano Grills is truly the universe and ascended masters’ servant. His dedication and discipline is unmatched by anyone that i’ve met (and i’ve met quite a few folks who are doing god’s work). As a result of his diligent practice, he is capable of performing miracles. I have been blessed to be the recipient of a couple of them myself. Recently, when he was visiting los angeles. Gano performed a rite for me next to an old pine tree. As he was reciting the mantra, sap began dripping from the tree. He used the sap to seal the deal. I had been experiencing difficulty starting my car – there were problems with the ignition. When i attempted to start it, i couldn’t turn the key. Gano became quiet and, bam, the ignition turned easily. There were a couple of other times that he did the same thing and he wasn’t even present – he started my car over the phone, even after he had returned to new york! Gano also gifted me by opening an Altar portal in my home here in L.A. HE spoke directly to my ancestors and when he had me stand in front of it, I felt them so strong blasting through the altar, I couldnt stop weeping tears of joy.

Gano had lite a candle and talked to the flame and the flame was bouncing up and down 8 or nine inhces tall.I am truly blessed to have Gano as a friend and spiritual advisor/healer. He’s the real deal! I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you Gano for saying, “yes” to the clarion call!

Racina Benedict

Racina Benedict

After attending SRI Ganos 1st workshop series ever, on 444 Atlantic aveneue in Brooklyn, n.y.called May Miracles, i had a “dream” that Gano was directing his students who were “homeless” to new living spaces that we seemed happy and eager to go. I feel this dream/message is telling me that Gano is assisting us in shaping our physical body to correspond with our spirit being, since the body is the home for our spirit during this time here on earth.

I am thankful my ancestors and other spirit guides led me to the knowledge Gano has to share. I look forward to becoming a long term student. Peace love and elevation