Oneil Newland

Greetings SRI Master Gano Grills, nuff love and blessings, give thanks fi life!  (a little Jamaican mixed up nicely for you)  I hope you like it. Lol I would like to share my experience about what happened to me after you blessed me with your ring at The Sequence of Power Seminar in Los Angeles. After I received my blessing and the event was over, I decided to go up to my room and put away some things I had purchased at the Seminar. Unbeknownst to me something was happening with my Crown Chakra. On my way up I bump into Liz at the elevator and told her that something was going on with the top of my head, and that It hurt to the touch. She replied by saying, “It’s your Crown Chakra, and I wish it was happening to me” That night as I laid in bed an instant serge of energy started from the bottom of my left foot, and worked it’s way up to the top of my head. It travelled throughout my entire body, and while the energy was moving up it felt like it was rearranging my insides. The ironic thing is that the same foot where the energy had started is the same one that I had been having problems with. It had been pulsating a lot for a while now, and at times it vibrated so hard it was painful. I was also having some issues with my right hip. Much to my surprise, when I woke up the next morning the issue with my left foot was gone and the discomfort in my right hip was hardly noticeable. The energy didn’t stop there. When I got back home, for two nights/days I couldn’t sleep properly because my head was still on fire. I thought that maybe I should take my pendant off because SRI Master Gano had infused it with his energy as well. I had guessed right, the energy in my pendant became so strong and was working even while I was sleeping. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling drained and weak. My energy level had dropped, but this was not a feeling of illness. I remembered having the same feeling once when I had fallen asleep with my Moldavite Stone on my Heart Chakra. I recognized that the feeling I was experiencing was due to the POWERFUL healing that was taking place in my body. Today is Jan/18/2018, and my energy has been restored. My left foot has been completely healed and my right hip continues to improve daily. So with love and gratitude, I say thank you SRI Master Gano Grills, and nuff blessings!!! Oneil Newland