Nathaniel Brown (Student & Officer)


Thurs-day night after interfacing around 2:30ish AM I looked at the SOPs & WOPs before bed that allows you to open Portal and planes through Time in space as I enter the awake state on the higher realms I was in class with Jennifer and Sri Master Gano Grills was teaching us and introduced us to his (NEW) KAndEL named (Solar Retrieval) it help you to pull in more energy from the Sun(RA) and his New Transducers that allow you to travel through time, you just think where you want to go and you’re there. The transducer also have slots in them that Logged data and codes Ashe/Namaste I am Grateful for your teaching of Sri Master Gano Grills LOVE & LIGHT!!!!


Side note; Nathaniel and Jennifer have applied themselves fully into their expansion and have experienced many divine occurrences throughout their tenure in the Galighticus movement. With that kind of dedication, spiritual opulence is eminent. Nathaniel is one of a select few that have sacred SOP and WOP written directly onto their soul. Challenges will always present themselves in life, but your spiritual fortitude will attenuate the stress of any of life’s rigors.

I wore my transducer after we got home last night from the holiday dinner. I interfaced with Lord Thoth for 7min. I then laid down with the transducer front side on my heart chakra as I started to feel the energy for the transducer inter my heart chakra (it was a warm tingly sensation) I then utter the Sop that come with the directions.

I immediately fell awake seeing Lord Thoth standing just how he is on the transducer in my first eye and I saw his Atlantian form and human form with the golden head busk. I also saw Sekhmet appear and Sri Lakshmi for the very first time.   Lord Ganesha appeared right after, I was being poked in the arm and feeling light swipes across my forehead. I came back inside myself and took it off as I laid back down I could still fell the energy of the transducer in my heart chakra.