Natasha Gordon (Galighticus Student)

Greetings SMGG, I can remember bits and pieces from four dreams that you were in within the last year. I remember you being in more but I don’t remember those. Yet I do remember them always being in a school setting.   Dream #1 It was the night prior to the Kundalini Activation, and the setting was an exact replica of the room that we were in. The people were the same and the setup of the chairs were also the same. And in the dream you were walking around the room talking (I don’t remember the words) yet, I got a pink candle in the dream, which was letting me know that this is a purchase that I needed to make in actuality the next day.   Dream #2 Was a school setting and you we were in what seemed to be a nurses office, and I was the nurse or the healer. You showed me where you needed healing at, I believe that it was the right shoulder blade. I went into a room to wash my hands, I don’t remember it to be a literal restroom, yet in still there was a sink, and a mirror.  I remember looking into it but the mirror was clouded, so I could not see a reflection.  I entered back into the room were you were in and there were two of you, one of you were the age you are now and the other was sitting on the couch he was a younger version of you. I don’t recall the actual healing yet after I was done you kissed me on the left and right cheek and thanked me. Also in this dream another lady I watch on Facebook (blackberry beauty academy)was my math teacher.   Dream#5 I don’t recall if you were in this one yet, it was the night or the next when you invited your Students to the gathering of when the new Gods were to be awarded Their Godship, and I can recall being their. This puzzled me as I was not a “Student” as of yet.