Lucy Palin


Greetings Lord Sri Master Gano Grills and Galighticus!!

I had a dream today and scared me. In the dream I was in my aunt’s house whose name in real life is Nilsa. I walked down her hallway that was white and two rooms was to my right. I went to turn off the lights in the room but they would come back on numerous times. Well I went to my aunt and said Titi Nilsa something is wrong with me and she said what. So I told her while we was in her living room on the couch and the next thing I know I see a spirit crawling towards me I screamed and then another spirit appeared in my face and then another came behind me in black through the couch and then all of a sudden I went on the floor and a little boy appeared and said I miss my family and I said I miss my family too. The next thing I know I felt fingers near my butt and on my private part. I could not see this spirit but I felt the hands rubbing on me and I tried to stop what it was doing. So I told my aunt to wake up my husband who was in the other room sleeping when she woke him he tried to help me but the spirits was holding him down and he was like crippled trying to fight them. So i went to another room which in this room was animals and spirits I believe there was a lion or tiger in the room. Well as I started to look up to summoning up all my strength in me I saw there was no roof the sky was very dark. I then breathed in really hard and both hands was straight down and i made a fist and looked up and called on Archangel Michael as I could not get all of his name out of my mouth the second time but when I called him a blue light appeared above in the dark and it was bright then I called your name loud with all my might and said SRI MASTER GANO GRILLS when i called your name out the spirits said we heard that name and when they figured out who you was they were so angry and furious with me for calling your name. Next thing I know I woke up and was scared by my dream. It has been a very very long time since I had dreams of me fighting spirits. What does this mean? Oh my husband could see what was going on but not my aunt. I know I have been giving alot of people I meet your site and explaining some of your Kandles and some videos you have based on the individuals issue. I also meet a lady the same night I had this dream and told her about the abortion Kandle because she had four abortions. One individual that I told about you was so moved he just recently went to your seminar in New York and got his Khords cut.


The second dream I had I was in some city and it was being taken over by the ocean I had my sister with me and somehow I was able to hold her while the water was taken over the city but I was getting tired trying to hold her and stay afloat in the water so I yelled Archangel Michael and the next thing I know he came behind me and pushed me and my sister through the water. He did not let me see him but he came quick and his power was MASSIVE. He saved us but others were drowning.


Thank You,