Konrad Salt

Sri Master Gano Grills I LOVE YOU AND ALL THAT YOU DO!!! You should have mentioned the Galighticus app which I bought right away when I saw it available for 45 doll hairs HAS THE WORD OF POWER TO GET RID OF NEGATIVE PARASITIC ENTITIES! I would have bought it for that alone! I however am not sure of the pronunciation. Then I finally, lol everything in divine timing, spent 416 doll hairs on the GOLDEN GUN, 3 months of 500 billion bills of ancestor money, THE CREATOR KAnd-EL, LORD THOTH KAnd-EL, Archangel Michael KAnd-EL, Holy Oil, and the Galighticus Discourse number 1 which I bought because of the section, SECRETS OF THE ALTAR. After listening to that part and some others EYE SEE how much priceless Information you give out and I am Infinitely thankful! I have to call you again because the message I left I am pretty sure I accidentally deleted because I pressed 2 as I thought it said extend but nothing happened then I pressed 2 again and it hung up. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! INFINITE LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!! ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL AS ALL IS ONE AND ONE IS ALL!!!!!!!