Read Kemet’s story


Read Kemet's story

I was born Eleanor Harvey eye have evolved to become KemetAnkha Ankh Nebhu, My transformational journey beginning from the moments of my Pre-Awakening until now have been equaled only to the Ancient Parables of our Ancestral Forces from galaxies far from here. The telling of my journey, through the guidance of my powerful and loving ancestor’s, has literally lead me Ultimately to, The Beloved Teacher & Healer, Gano Grills shortly after my solar return day in February of 2012. I had previously been diagnosis with a tumor in my Left knee bone morrow in addition to having a torn meniscus. (extremely painful) Through Gano’s powerful phone calls and guidance, eye continued on my path of Awakened-Enlightenment. Eye was taught the power of Sungazing and Meditational Healing through the 1st eye and body ChakaRA’s inner-tuning importance. This Summer of was gifted the universal opportunity to visit The Motherland for 14 amazing days with Dr. Umar Ifatunde Johnson’s 1st Re-Africanization Tour to Ghana. It was the most amazing experience of my life up until this point. As much as eye tried to hide if from those around me, eye found myself in the most excruciating amount of pain in my left knee. I thought the worst….perhaps the tumor has grown and now these past 2 years of hard work has been for not? The voices of my ancestors in the Motherland said to me call Gano…..Eye did not heed the message….eye returned from Africa even more changed in my spirit but the pain in my body was consuming me. Eye returned to my doctor and agreed to set a date for surgery. As the time for my surgery became near, eye had a vision of Gano laying hands on me inside of what appeared to be an ancient temple of sorts. Eye received the healing in spirit but still did not reach out to him as the ancestor’s had requested of me in Africa weeks prior. Then one day, a few days prior to my surgery eye receive a message from Gano standing in white light inside of a Khemetic Temple in none other than Egypt!

The vision of my healing came to me immediately and eye reached out to Gano with out hesitation of my situation. Eye was fighting my fears of what the outcome would reveal. Gano immediately preformed a healing over me from Khemet. He spoke “5” very specific words and called on the assistance of 3 Deities. Eye went into surgery with a song on my heart….Literally! Eye came too under anesthesia hearing myself singing, “Kiss By A Rose” on the operating table, Eye could hear the nurse saying, “OMG look she’s still singing!” The next time eye came to the chorus eye could hear the doctor and both nurses singing along with me. The miraculous result was the news from the doctor saying that my tumor had completely DESOLVED!!!! My healing process has been purposely painful but eye recently had my stitches removed and my scare has healed into the shape of THE ANKH! Eye should have been surprised by this miraculous sign from the Ancients but what eye find is an overwhelming amount of GRATITUDE!

EYE AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL & EYE GIVE THANKH’s 2 U Gano for always being there for me when ever eye reach out to you. Eye am even more excited about attending the initiation with you in Egypt 2015!

I Mer Tu Beloved Teacher,

Shm Em RA (Walk In The Light OF GOD)