Carlos Vazquez


Greetings Sri Master Gano Grills. My name is Carlos my wife Sally is part of you Initiate program. We attended the seminar this past weekend In las Vegas and you had asked me to get back to you on how my leg/ankle is feeling. My leg/ankle have never felt this good. Immediately after the Khord cutting I felt different sensations from my ankle to my knee, I felt the healing that was taking place. Thank you.

I thank you for the wealth of information you gave us this past weekend. I also want to thank you for confirming/validating what I had always felt/thought since my childhood about Christianity. I had always felt something wasn’t right and to have that validated was truly incredible, thank You. After this weekend I feel liberated. I feel that I no longer have to dial down or hide my spirituality and can finally be completely open & receptive to where my spiritual journey takes me. Once again thank You and as I am writing this I am picturing myself kneeling at your feet taking blessings. Namaste.


PS: Before the seminar started while you were sitting at the computer I had a hard time bringing you in to focus. I saw white light surrounding you(maybe your Aura) and when I concentrated and brought you into focus I saw the silhouette of wings coming from your back.