Brent Bustos


Galighticus family I was instructed to give a detailed account of certain events that have transpired since the monumental VegaStar Big Picture Seminar. So many blessings and events to chronicle but here it goes. Prior to packing for the trip I asked for my Sekhmet blessing from the Creator KandEl the flame rose. I said “Yes”. I made an offering to Lord Ganesha that afternoon a beautiful statue for my altar just appeared at my local spiritual shop that was meant for me to take home. That night while ironing and packing singing my Kundalini song with AA MichaEl burning the lights went on and off the transformer down the street blew. And my son runs upstairs from out of the shower saying something touched his shoulder. I got chills and tod him it was an angel. There is more background to that story but this has to be edited. Once in town my friend Adrienne and I were the last people to leave to the Divine Feminine Sekhmet Temple but yet we got lost and passed no one on the road knowingly yet arrived before most everybody. Time travel with the full moon and the clocks turning back ???? The ritual was beyond awesome. The Kundalini activation was powerful no doubt as I have previously enjoyed growing in my ability to administer healing energy as well as receive. At the Seminar a gentleman student by the name of Brian shared a story about his endowments from Archangel MichaEl that hit me so deeply and struck a chord in me that I got the very same chills from the two nights previous. There is more background that must be edited out. So standing in the back to process I ask a young man his name and he says…”Angel ????” (Lorann Danielle Davis’s son) Now I am really beside myself. Continuing to stay in the back, a group of ladies enter the room and sit in the back row. I feel a nervous energy and unfriendly vibe. Some giving me stink eye. I say oh well and don’t trip. I noticed a lot of bustling in and out of the room with them and I venture outside. I see them gathered around Taren Guy and I see she has a growing following. However the night before in my hotel room I started watching a YouTube video of hers and had to cut it off. Zero Resonance with me but hey she’s part of the movement so I keep pushing. Then it gets deeper. As I look at her from afar her appearance is not unpleasant but as I scan lower I get a “demon seed” interpretation like she’s been getting down with dark beings and I am not referring to melanation. Liz appropriates it extra sensory details that confirms my suspicion.Turns out by the end of the Seminar it was a feeble attack on the Galighticus family ,namely Sri Master. I know some girls were ready to take their earrings off and get some Vaseline. I take a long walk to the restroom to purposely pass by. I want to escort them out but I had seen such patience and tolerance from Sri Master in the Seminar that I didn’t want to lower the standard. I later got the approval to remove said beings but they were gone. Hindsight tells me that was when Our feminine goddess powers were praying them away saving me the trip. I equate the whole scenario to a Pomeranian trying to take on a Rottweiler. Now for the real deal. My first night back in my bed I got a text at 4:44 and 5:55 am from my Power Ranger friends Erica and Adrienne. It started off like the Kundalini energy lights of pink and purple. Ok I get this all the time especially when sending healing energy. THEN a portal opens I go through, another portal opens I go through again.

The next portal looks exactly like the picture of the SOP Ooaht chaeen sorees and I utter that as I ascend through. I arrive in a dark room in front of a dark wall which is like a tablet or monolithic. All of a sudden these red digital lights like a neon sign flow onto this wall and take these amazing formations and geometric patterns similar to those massive schools of small fish that swim together in that vortex pattern. The pattern disappears and I immediately think “download”. Next I see some beings that are orange with dark oval eyes no corneas all black and they’re shorter in stature. They appear to only be observing me but I feel them as friendly. More gather and more gather until the eyes vanish and they become one big ball of orange light that flies away. Next scene I am with my dad wife and a kitty that I assume to be my daughter. We’re having a great time laughing smiling then I look up and see Sri Master with his arms in the air gesturing towards his wrist like “It’s time to go!”