Anjell Rose

My testimonies from Big Picture Seminar Finale weekend.


On 11/5  I was hit with the flu  (1 day before the Big Picture Seminar Finale).

I was shivering under several blankets. I did reiki on myself then spoke to the universe and my ancestors for assistance in feeling better. I had also been worrying about personal things in my life as well even at this moment.   I immediately received a vision of me standing in front of my home and this tiny old lady with long straight black hair came up to me and hugged me tightly and said don’t worry everything will be alright have patience. I saw thousands of my ancestors coming towards my home. Went inside and my house was packed with people sitting at the dinner table with lots of food and children running around. People were hugging me telling me everything will be ok don’t worry have patience. Then I saw the same


Elephant from my 3rd attunement of my Kundalini activation by the dinner table I stood next to it and it had the same gold over its head and body with green and red gems. It was swinging it’s trunk just happy and smiling and I started to tear because I felt He was telling me It would be ok and to be happy. Then the vision ended.


Later saw A black bird with yellow eyes not of this world. It was Huge almost as big a a teradactle

It was flying then just sat on why seemed to be the edge of a rock or something.


Saw My self in a white Gown with long tail which had copper like gems glistening around the outline of my dress and dress tail. I have very dark refined skin and black hair. I lifted my left hand and flew up to Zeus taking my hand and holding me close to him.


After getting my 3rd eye opened I saw Sri Master Gano Grills on a white horse with wings. He had a gold Vikings helmet on which had 2 little horns on it and to his face was strapped a gold elephant trunk with red in the middle of it.

He had gold armor on. He had a Black goatee and He was looking down at me the whole time I was staring lol then he flew up on the horse. The energy around the him and the horse was gold.


After that I saw a being in a black hood. I asked it to reveal it self

And when He took the hood off I saw a very long white beard and he had a Trident He tapped the trident on the ground twice and it went dark. Then this place not too far off lit up. It looked like a Very large crystal and 3 medium sized golden rods were above it which formed a pyramid. I couldn’t make out what was in the crystal. I’m thinking this is the God Neptune.



Later that night I had a vision of vmetallic like people I attempted to send them a green heart but they barely paid attention. I attempted to send them a small sun (like a sun emoji) Every one stopped what they were doing and turned around. I didn’t know what to do then so I came out of the vision.