Galighticus Lord Thoth Transducer Medallion

Lord Thoth/Tehuti/Metatron/Hermes Transducer Medallion


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The Transducer is the newest spiritual technology that allows one to input a refined resonance of the Gods into their lives and build a rapport with the higher realities.The Gods are more inclined to place blessings into the stream of your life when they see that you seek to apply for it. The Transducers demonstrate that earnest desire.Having friends in high places is an intelligent move in choosing to be empowered.


Transducer Medallion XL Testimony

I wore my transducer after we got home last night from the holiday dinner. I interfaced with Lord Thoth for 7 min. I then laid down with the transducer front side on my heart chakra as I started to feel the energy for the transducer inter my heart chakra (it was a warm tingly sensation) I then utter the Sop that come with the directions.

I immediately fell awake seeing Lord Thoth standing just how he is on the transducer in my first eye and I saw his Atlantean form and human form with the golden head busk. I also saw Sekhmet appear and Sri Lakshmi for the very first time.  Lord Ganesha appeared right after, I was being poked in the arm and feeling light swipes across my forehead. I came back inside myself and took it off as I laid back down I could still fell the energy of the transducer in my heart chakra.

-Nathaniel Brown



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