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No altar is as complete and polished as it can be without the Creator KAnd-El (candle).? Its presence amplifies the power of any other KAnd-EL, candle, statue or offering on your altar in just 7 minutes daily, by 1,000%.


No altar is complete without the Creator KAnd-EL.?

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The CREATOR KAnd-EL is the world?s first and only candle dedicated to the power of the Creator of all.It was Archangel Michael who brought this candle to your world to help diffuse the disinformation and clarify whom the Creator is.Every single altar should have the Creator KAnd-EL.? Here is why? All the Gods in the universe are creations of the Creator.? When one has this?KAnd-EL?on their altar, it is automatically understood that you know the difference between the demi-Gods that created religions of your world,and the Creator of all that generated the omniverse. When this distinction is made,harmony is created within the avenues of your awareness. The omniverse has a different set of harmonics that are devoid of any confusion as to who and what generated the universes inside the multiverse.There are Gods that are so voluminous that they would make the demi-Gods of your Bible look like ants. Yet and still, they are not the Grand Prime Creator of all.


This KAnd-EL is the father to the entire pantheon of Super KAnd-ELS and will harmonize all the elements on the altar, because it is dedicated to the spirit of the Most High.? Take a moment to think about why no one has produced a Creator candle anywhere else?? There are candles for every kind of sick demi-God, sage, ascended master, archangel and deity. Yet, there is nowhere on the planet where you can find a candle dedicated to the Creator of all there is. This should give one the indication that perhaps your world is an illusion, a hologram created to give you the experience that your soul has designed as education to evolve completely out of its apparatus. The Creator KAnd-EL comes with a very specific set of instructions that will guide you into tapping into the energy of the Creator of all, as well as harmonizing with the true avenues of creation itself. No altar, shrine, or dedication is complete without the presence of the Creator on it. Furthermore, the Gods and the angels will see that you know the difference between them and their own divine parent. This clarification will forge a special dynamic between you and all the others you honor on your altar. This is the beginning of true and real order within your consciousness, and the interface between you and the menagerie of creations that control every facet of reality there is.


Creator KAnd-EL testimony 11/11/2018 from Audra Richards:

I was really going to wait until I at least did 7 days of KAnd-EL work before writing a testimony. However, the first night?s experience has changed all of that because it was so incredible.

I had just gotten back from the seminar in Vegas. I had the Kundalini Reiki activation, my Khords cut and my Third Eye activated that weekend. Wow! I also improved the vibration of my altar by burning ancestor money every night and adding offerings of food, flowers, pictures of Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel and the Creator KAnd-EL I just purchased in Vegas.

It?s now Friday morning around 1:30am. After speaking with Sri Master Gano Grills much earlier Thursday night, let?s just say I was in a state of emotional purging. There were a lot of things I was feeling and needed to get off my chest. I prayed to my ancestors and to Archangel Michael. Pleaded actually. When I lit the KAnd-EL I just sat there and stared at the flame. Not sure what to expect if anything. It was a slow burn and at the same time soothing. When the 30 minutes were up, I snuffed out the KAnd-EL and went to bed. I didn?t fall asleep right away, but probably around 3am onwards I saw Sri Master Gano Grills in a dream.

There was a procession going on, like a parade or a formation of soldiers. I was standing on the sidelines looking on. I saw our beloved Sri Master walking amongst shadows that I couldn?t distinguish. He was wearing what looked like a gladiator uniform that the very fabric was made from light; or threads of light were sewn into his body armour. Projected right above him was what I could only describe as a stacked sky scraper sized version of?himself. He had wings and he was mostly made of all light! When I say sky scraper, I literally mean like a building with 40-50 floors!!

The Sri Master Gano Grills that was dressed like a gladiator turned and looked at me. No words were spoken just an acknowledgment of seeing me in the crowd. The skyscraper Sri Master Gano Grills I guess was too enormous to fathom something so small as my presence. The other onlookers on the sidelines were also shadows I couldn?t distinguish but there was a deep reverence. After he passed by me I slipped away from the crowd.

Tonight I will burn the KAndEL for day 2. This is a hard act to follow but I?m open to whatever the Divine has in store for me to witness as an acknowledgment of my? growing spiritual enlightenment.

Thank you, Sri Master Gano Grills for creating a vehicle like Galighticus which allows experiences like this to be possible. This is all so new to me since I?m just starting on this particular path of my spiritual growth. And I?m looking forward to the abundance of blessings and challenges in validation of my being here.

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    The Creator Kand El is a must here’s a couple of pictures. One at night and One at day.

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    Image #1 from Nanya Radurai El
    Image #2 from Nanya Radurai El
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    Smells really good and I love the cloth it was wrapped in.

  6. (verified owner)

    Smells really good and as soon as you light it, you can feel the energy

  7. (verified owner)

    Smells so awesome. I feel peace, protected and balance when lit or just being in same room. Thank you muchness Galighticus!

  8. (verified owner)

    This is my first time having anything like this. Interfacing with my Creator Ka nd El is amazing. The way it smells, energy, the light how it embraces you. ahhhh loving it.

  9. (verified owner)

    I am grateful for Creator Kandel which brings special peace to my meditation .

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    I absolutely Love this KAnd-EL The Presence and Aroma exuded are like no other I’ve ever experienced. It is massive and a joy to be around. Can even feel the serene intensity when it is unlit. ??? Can’t say enough great things about it. Thankh You Sri Master Gano Grills for your constant exemplary service and this also extends to The Galighticus Support Family as well. Bliss and Power to You All. Highly recommended purchase!!???

  12. (verified owner)

    My altar must have the creator Ka-nd-el. It lights the entire altar and leads the way. Its energy is bright/illuminating.

  13. (verified owner)

    The Creator Ka-nd-El is very powerful and intensifies everything and ritual that is performed.

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  15. (verified owner)

    This Kandel smells so good.

  16. (verified owner)

    Power, and, Light to any Altar and this KandEl is a much needed purchase for anyone Altar Set. I love the Great Customer Service and Fast Shipping ?

  17. (verified owner)

    I have left it out on display in my candle holder for now, I haven?t burnt it yet, it?s presents it?s so powerful, the smell and the written symbols has transformed my subconscious mind. At the right time my spirit will instruct me to burn it, and when I do, My spirit will shift to a another level?

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