Elegua KAnd-EL


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He is represented as a child, and sometimes as an old man. His energy represents the beginning and end of life, and the opening and closing of paths of life. At times he is known as the trickster, he likes to jest and play jokes on people. He likes toys and sweets, especially candies. He is indeed a very formidable and respected Orisha. He is one of the Warriors with Ogun, Ochosi and Ochun). Elegua is always mentioned first in any ceremony, because without his permission, the doors to communication with the other Orishas do not open. Elegua’s special colors are red and black. His number is 3, or any multiple of 3. His day of the week is Monday, and the 3rd day of every month. The 6th of January and the 13th of June are recognized as his “saint’s days” in Cuba.

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