ALL 18 Super KAnd-ELs


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Current list of Super KAnd-ELs


2. Sri Lakshmi

3. Lord Thoth

4. Kwan-yin

5. Arch Angel Raphael


7. Hathor

8. Yemaya

9. St. Germaine

10. Unborn?[abortion forgiveness Kand-El]

11. Soul Facets Retrieval

12. Fortuna

13.?The Jade Emperor

14. Shango

15. Artemis

16. Micha-El

17. Metatron

18. Oshun

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As the mythos states, man did not have fire until the ultra-God, Prometheus Titan,?gave it to man. Prior to that, fire was an exclusivity of the Gods,?500,000 years ago. Earthlings knew nothing about seasoning and cooking food.? One hundred fifty years ago, the medical establishment did not wash their hands prior to surgery, leading to many unnecessary deaths.? Seventy-nine years ago, there were no TVs.? Twenty-five years ago, there was no World Wide Web.Ironically, most of us today cannot live without any of those gifts from the higher worlds.

I have spent enough time in the higher dimensions which is slightly ahead of the current timeline we live on. As a result, I?ve pulled in modalities and technologies that benefit anyone who is intelligent enough to take advantage of what we at Galighticus present. This year has been extremely busy with bringing awareness and teaching to many who have been previously unawake and clueless as to the higher purposes of life.? To that end, there are technologies that have been granted to come into our reality for assistance.

?KA? means spirit, and spirit is the absolute highest part of who you are, 90% to be more accurate. We spell candle purposely with a ?K? to establish that this product literally is linked to that higher part of Creation, in order to draw directly to you the attributes and benefits of the beings who en-soul each KAnd-EL. We are very pleased to publicly introduce the Super KAnd-EL. Man has constantly been given gifts to upgrade the conditions of ignorance.? Music, yoga, chess, computers, are all examples of just some of the things that have been cleared to dip into our world for our use and enjoyment.

The wise person, who is an aspirant or an initiate, begins to seek out ways to improve his/her inner-standing, thus evolving to the point where he/she begins to see a bigger picture of what life is really about, as well as inner-standing the true purpose of creation.? When this happens, he/she attracts to themselves like a magnet, all of the things that are necessary to complete their evolution to a greater degree.

When one has received the gift of using spiritual modalities and technologies, life becomes much more purposeful.

Each one of these KAnd-ELs has a different purpose and being that controls the forces disseminated through the KAnd-EL.? They exist nowhere else.? They are unlike any other candle and are considered as divine objects.? The super KAnd-EL is 100 times more powerful than candles from bodegas and chain stores. ?It has taken me the better part of 20 years in this lifetime to develop my awareness to the degree of being able to access my many lifetimes as a high priest and alchemist.? With this powerful gift, others can have the blessing of harnessing these energies for their own benefit.


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