ArchAngel Michael KAnd-EL


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Archangel Michael has been in existence for eternities. His power and majesty are unparalleled in the universe.  He has worked with Earth’s development since the very beginning of your known time and before what you were taught about the existence of time.


Michael is the author and controller of the master frequency of 444.  Variations of his signature flow through other numerical computations, like 84,12,48,448, etc.

There are some who say that Lucifer became jealous of his brother, Michael, because he applied himself endlessly to the will of the Creator.  Whatever the case is, Michael is indeed the Creator’s will in action, to give us peace and protection.


Michael is the leader of the heavenly arch-angelic host of angels.  He also has his own army of angels.  The name Michael translates as, “who is like God”.  The very name of Michael has a powerful resonance.  Those who possess it have the encoding of power and good fortune, just by having the same verbal address.