Studentship Programme of Ascension


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Are ready to take a quantum leap in your spiritual growth? Ready to pursue enlightenment? Are you seeing the ascension codes of 444,555,1111,333,1234, your birthdate,etc? These codes are being transmitted directly to you as an invitation into the Galighticus studentship programme. The world’s 1st and ONLY true ascension doorway, created by the GODS themselves.

Students who transact the tuition in full at the start of the programme will receive the FULL ALTAR TECHNOLOGY package that includes some of the tools and modalities as a bonus.  This option is not available to those who choose any of the payment plan options unless you begin after the full payment is made.  You may begin the programme with half of the tuition if you choose to do so. 


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This level one program lasts for 12 months. You will work at Multidimensional levels of self, that will begin your transformation from Earth bound being into an unbound Divine being. This will make you much more aware than you are now. Your dreams will change. You will also draw the attention of the Gods, Arch Angels, and Exalted Beings who have blessed me with the template of this program, to bring it onto this dimension from higher versions of Myself. These powerful beings can only be described as NOT human. They are gods, which are the first children of the Grand Prime CREATOR of all things known and UNKNOWABLE. These beings will watch your development and bless you along the way. Remember, enlightenment means to WAKE UP, from all your lifetimes of duality and slumber. The awakening is beyond the ability of what words can convey. Nothing in this world can come anywhere close to compare. This is the reason why when Buddha got a nanosecond glimpse of that world; it was enough to drive him to become enlightened in multiple lifetimes, not just one.

I have worked through many lifetimes as a High Priest, Monk, Shaman, you name it. I was it. I chose to be anything that would allow me to come back to Earth and get as many of my brothers and sisters back home to the PRE-MORTAL REALMS.

I’ve actually made successful contact with those forms of myself, that allow me to teach here, some of what I teach on higher dimensions of reality. There are several testimonies on that substantiate this truth.

Consciousness expansion comes with power that has its own latent faculties. Consider the Prophet Solomon and his abilities to speak directly with and to the forces of Mother Nature (NTR]. Or the powers that my cosmic boss, Lord Thoth/Tehuti had, that allowed him to direct the world renowned pantheon of gods that ancient Egypt is known for. There have been so many higher beings who volunteered to come to this world and educate humans on what is REAL. For the truth as it is will stagger and challenge EVERYTHING you have ever been taught, or believe is true. This program will safely, ephemerally ease you into that reality in a manner meant NOT to shock you.

Periodically you will have a 30 minute long consultation with me usually by phone. During these sessions I will assess your progress. How quickly you advance is entirely up to you. You will be provided with certain materials and explicit instructions throughout every phase of this journey. This training is a spiritual boot camp if you will. If you are strong enough the benefits are eternal. Many are called, few are chosen, even fewer choose themselves. I will teach you to be aware in other dimensions, as well as other states of wake. Your ancestor and spirit guides have led you to me and you are in the process of Ascending.


Hope to see you aboard soon.

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    (verified owner)

    I am very proud and honored to be part of this unique spiritual class. I know that nowhere in the world can I learn what I am learning here.
    I am still waiting until I can go to 2nd Cycle because I am enthusiastic and want to develop further, but I understand how busy Sri Master Gano Grills is so I am patient.

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  2. (verified owner)

    It beyond amazing!

  3. (verified owner)

    No complaints.

  4. (verified owner)

    Soooooo very grateful for this program! Took me a minute to navigate the website and find the course materials, but I’m on track now and am seeing beautiful changes in my life already! Thank you!!

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