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Despite what you may have been taught through the advent of religion in the West, or even your formal education. There is too much eternity within our local universe for you as a created soul not to have had many lifetimes prior to your current life.

A service such as this is a real blessing in truly getting a grasp on why and how you are the wonderful soul you are.

When you transact your payment, you will receive a questionnaire. Once it is returned, the process of tracking and retrieving pertinent data about your past shall ensue. The full report will take 2 weeks.

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The human soul is created by a more advanced being that has a much longer life span than ?the Earth human. Yes, there are beings in the universe that actually pre-date the human form by millions and billions of years. They are exalted beings of ?a wide ?complex range. Only a few of these beings have titles known to Earthlings:? Gods, Elementals, Angels, Khodans, Loas, Orisha, Neteru, Olympians,etc.

The Creator is vastly unknown to Earthlings except through the creation of the Gods.? Not to know the Gods is not to know the Creator

Some of the data that remains from the files of your past lives can be downloaded to our database. This permission has been granted to the?covenant of the Galighticus.

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    This service, is a very enrich outline of empowerment. And gave me a clear timeline of the events that occurred & my future as well, so I can move forward in life by knowing what my escapism was in past lives. And the vibration found therein will awaken a response in your soul. What a fascinating account of the circular rise of wisdom in me and of the origins and destiny of myself. Very worthwhile. I feel guided now & cannot go astray. It’s a must have for those who seek wisdom and development of the soul. I do recommend it for those who enjoy finding their true self & traveling up the path of spiritual enlightenment. Love and thanks to Sri Master Gano Grills & Galighticus team.

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