Karmic Emancipation Package


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KARMA has always been a major force that teaches the Earth bound being throughout his many incarnations. If he knew how precise the faculty of Karma is, much in the life of Human beings would change instantly. When the education of Karma has evaded one, life can become brutal to say the least.
I have seen a serious need in this world for a service such as this.
I recently went out of town to visit a client and my travel arrangements were made by another employee of my client. My trip was riddled with missed flights, late appointments and strange snafus. The employee of my client had told me that they were in 5 car accidents while sitting in the back seat. He lost his wallet and had no cash or credit cards. Then when we went to the bank to get cash, the bank had given him a counterfeit $100 dollar bill, and a host of other weird unlucky things.
I said to the employee of my client that there is a conspiracy by the forces to unhinge you. They were totally aware of this; however, He had hardened up to the reality of his errant bad luck. This can totally be dissolved and worked on to a grand degree.
Over the years, I have learned great techniques that drastically quantify the effects of negative karma. There are 3 phases contingent on the needs of the client. Each phase is more in-depth than the last. A consultation will determine which phase is necessary.


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