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The Galighticus team is proud to present the Initiate Program of illumination.

There will only be 144 people who are allowed to initiate into this programme and that will be all. These are pre-life initiates who have drawn themselves back into another cycle of life to complete this magical task of illumination.

The aspirant will automatically have a curiosity then desire to join. All one has to do is say YES. Then allow the universe to create the resources.

I have been given the blessing of guiding others safely along the roads of their own ascension.

Many discoveries and testimonies later, it has been made clear that there is no end to the heights one can travel.

This program is like no other and will initiate the client into the deeper mysteries of Creation itself.

A 30 minute orientation in person or via Skype will be required. Once the paid orientation is complete and the green light is given, the journey will begin.


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