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I have personally seen the pleasant shock of how family members react to hearing information that ONLY the departed can give, and the instant closure that comes after.

People spend so much on the repass,flowers,etc, but the missing key is the actual departed giving one last message from the?other side of the veil. Is not what is most important?

Our Creator is not a mean vindictive being that would take away our loved ones. It is often thought to be a reality, when nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone chooses how and when they will leave this life. Mostly people set up the climates and circumstance of how, then completely forget.


A testimony from 4/26/2017

hello SRI Master Gano,
the? other day but I later had a dream about my dad where he was telling me much of the same information that was revealed in my beyondus reading.
I don’t have any more questions for him ?about the afterlife.
Chekesha Patrick


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Closure is one of the most precious things that we can have when a loved one leaves this world. As taught to me by the Arch angelic kingdom, our Creator never intended for us to be in such despair when the continuance of life ensues.


We are not taught to properly to understand the system of death. Galighticus is proud to offer a revolutionary service to anyone who is ready to accept the gift of, Beyondus.? This service will we reconnect you to your dearly departed, even for a brief moment. Sometimes?posthumous?information is in dyer need and only the departed can give. This service was something that exclusively belonged to Galighticus studentship programme.

?However spirit has allowed the Galighticus?to offer it, as an open service to anyone who is willing and open enough to receive the benefits of its usefulness. ?


By being able to reach the dearly departed who have left this life, and moved into the next life that is beyond us, we are able to satisfy the grief that is unnecessary without this wonderful service.

Paradoxically, when someone dies they have simply graduated into a finer existence, which is something that we will all do eventually. By accepting this reality, we minimize the great fear that is inherent by not knowing the certainty of life everlasting. This service will prove that your dearly departed is very much alive, if not more alive than ever before.

This service includes

  1. A one time Beyondus, post life session, in which the dearly departed will be contacted in the presence of the family.
  2. Two bereavement-counseling sessions with Beyondus creator, SRI Master Gano Grills.
  3. An Ancestor Altar set. Full consultation included.?

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