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  • ArchAngel Azra-EL protection ritual

    Having no spiritual protection is the exact cause of freak accidents and surprise chaos.The negative forces will not seek to inflict you with misfortune when it is seen that…

    $150.00 $120.00
    • EUR: €107.00
    • GBP: £96.66
    • CNY: ¥825.30
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  • the CREATOR KAnd-EL

    No altar is as complete and polished as it can be without the Creator KAnd-El (candle).  Its presence amplifies the power of any other KAnd-EL, candle, statue or offering…

    • EUR: €66.87
    • GBP: £60.41
    • CNY: ¥515.81
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  • Mega Beacon

    • EUR: €2,674.99
    • GBP: £2,416.58
    • CNY: ¥20,632.46
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  • Lord Ganesh Spiritual Bath and Empowerment

    Throughout the course of the day, we are among the influence of many kinds of energies. Some are parasitic, vampire, draining and downright taxing on the aura, which is…

    • EUR: €44.58
    • GBP: £40.28
    • CNY: ¥343.87
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  • Sekmet KAnd-EL

    Sekhmet is known as the “lioness mother” and early solar deity.  She dawns a solar disk. She is known as the avenger of wrongs as well as the ruler…

    • EUR: €35.67
    • GBP: £32.22
    • CNY: ¥275.10
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  • Lord Ganesha Imperial Beacon

    It is indeed fascinating that out of all the deities in the pantheon of Hinduism, Lord Ganesha has top billing; but not because he is the most powerful.  Rather,…

    • EUR: €1,337.49
    • GBP: £1,208.29
    • CNY: ¥10,316.23
  • Golden Gun $100 Billion Note

    These precious bills are looked at and referred to as “guns”. The Golden Gun in particular, is preferential to the ancestors because of its opulence and power to imbue…

    • EUR: €32.10
    • GBP: £29.00
    • CNY: ¥247.59
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  • Divine Altar Set

    Our world is a place of magical potential mostly unbeknownst and hidden from us. The Creator has intended for us all to experience all that we desire, even if…

    • EUR: €490.41
    • GBP: £443.04
    • CNY: ¥3,782.62
  • Ancestors Altar Set

    Many people who receive the ancestor altar and follow the instructions, find that they have a delightful change in their lives due to the potency of the elements of…

    • EUR: €356.67
    • GBP: £322.21
    • CNY: ¥2,750.99