TOUBA Protection Talisman


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These particular talismans were made from the lineage of the legendary, Cheihk Ahmadou Bamba PBUH,?Who was indeed regaled in the Muslim world for his piety and devotion to Al Islam.

At the same time he was known for his deeply exceptional mystic abilities. There are many stories and testimonies of his heroism. He was the doctor strange of his time and has achieved unfathomable feats.

The talismans from this particular line have his energy imbued within them.



This talisman was created in Senegal Africa. It is a product of many powerful prayers and it also has Shamanic Sufi mysticism of the TOUBA.??

The energies are quite Extraordinary that pervades it.

The Shaman who brings this talisman into the country has personally demonstrated its unique ability to protect from A-sharp machete. The Sherman took the machete and hacked away at his leg,. The same a machete that hacked up a newspaper refused to cut the skin of his leg. This demonstration was done several times.

On another occasion I personally witnessed the protection from the police when racing 2 trucks at 2 o’clock in the morning in Far rockaway, Queens. The 2 trucks and I were at a red light, when the light turned green we sped off. We did this twice before 2 unmarked police cars pulled out of nowhere and pulled the other 2 trucks over and I simply kept driving free and clear.

I have also seen a man who was drunk and shouting at 6 large bodyguards and he was not harmed because of the force that kept him protected, because he was in my energy field. Had these talismans not been on my person this man would have been severely beaten to a pulp.

It is important to remember not to put yourself in harm’s way on purpose or to do anything to get the police to arrest you.

Do not test the integrity of these talismans lest ye end up with a negative outcome. However they do work and are quite powerful.

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