TOUBA Good Business Talisman


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These particular talismans were made from the lineage of the legendary, Cheihk Ahmadou Bamba PBUH, Who was indeed regaled in the Muslim world for his piety and devotion to Al Islam.

At the same time he was known for his deeply exceptional mystic abilities. There are many stories and testimonies of his heroism. He was the doctor strange of his time and has achieved unfathomable feats.

The talismans from this particular line have his energy imbued within them. This talisman was created in Senegal Africa. It is a product of many powerful prayers and it also has Shamanic Sufi mysticism of the TOUBA.??

The energies are quite Extraordinary that pervades it.

This talisman is to be worn on the dominant hand when ever doing business. When not conducting business you are to take it off of your wrist. It may be placed upon the altar when ever not doing business.

I personally have experience the power of this talisman. The day after I received it I happen to be with a very popular rap group called Wutang clan. The next week I ended up on tour with them to 9 different countries in 30 days. I was in the midst up meaning different international opportunities and events. It was like being in someone’s wildest dreams for 30 days. I also took myself shopping to the most expensive places Holland,Denmark,Sweden,Germany,London and Ireland, with enough to spare financially. As a matter of fact all of the money that was spent came right back into my account through other means. It was the most expensive vacation I have ever taken myself on in my life as a wonderful gift.

The energy of this talisman was in with me the whole way. But most importantly it happened right after I received this talisman.

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