TOUBA Force of High Blessings


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All over the world there are countries that are predominantly Muslim. This means that they are required to make prayers every day. This is one of the 5 Islamic pillars.

There is a large well of power generated from the millions upon millions of prayers that are elicited by devoted Muslims.

This talisman taps into a network of supplication and worship By people who have dedicated their lives to the servitude of their Beloved sustainer.

I have personally witnessed on several occasions the power of having this particular talisman on my body at all times when I am out and about and the good luck and blessings that it brings.

I was once out of the country with the will Wutang clan. The group asked me to take an entire tour bus out of Sweden and into Norway so that they can do a show in Croatia. In order to get into the next country the bus driver and I had to board a very large ferry that took 12 hours to get in to Finland. The bus driver was supposed to wake me up and let me know when it was time for us to leave the ferry. But for some bizarre reason I was woke by the crew instead. I rushed out and try to find the bus. There were 2 decks that had 300 vehicles each. I searched for the bus only to find that most of the vehicles had already left the ferry. I stopped for a moment and shock that the bus driver purposely left me behind any foreign country for whatever his motives were. After I had that thought I happen to look up and see the bus about to exit the ferry when I jumped in front of the bust and flagged him to stop. It was quite clear that his intentions were to leave me behind and the bus driver had to hold a poker face and lie about him trying to wake me up before he left the very. Here is the point. The odds of me waking up in exact enough time to flag down one vehicle out of 600, is 600 to 1.
I immediately knew that these talismans had worked in my favor to the extent to which the guardians of the talisman aided me every step of the way so that I may safely and correctly leave the ferry and the manner in which I was brought on to it.

There have been several other occasions? that I have seen the good blessings and serendipity that having this talisman on your body produces. I am a firm believer that luck is in extension of your willingness to engender all the artifacts that have the forces of luck stored within it.

This is a great opportunity for one to take full advantage of its availability. Please in joy the luck.

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