Passport Beacon


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Testimony of the Passport beacon.

I was greeted by Goddess Lakshmi upon entering the conference room. She was the same blue as the heart on the cosmic beacon, levitating at a distance but close enough for me to know I was being observed.

I looked around the room with no walls. I saw ALL kinds of beings, talking, mingling. Felt normal for me.

The next part I was in a different room with SMGG and other people.

Next part I enter a place where humans were terrified of a giant. I immediately voiced my reason and requested to speak to the giant. I did not agree with the violent reaction from the humans. Upon addressing the giant we got to talking like we were old friends and his anger subsided. He picked me up and we left. During this entire recording I felt like I was being observed, watched and tested. I do not know why.[Edited}


The giant was the Goddess (Ammut) who works closely with the judgement of humans who enter the duat. She was brought here by LordThoth to assist with this task from another world.

Enjouli Steward

Thursday SOP 12/14/18


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