ArchAngel Michael Imperial Beacon


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Archangel Michael has a very rare position in the universe, in that one of his many jobs is to gather the harvest of the 144,000 souls from each world to create a grand cosmic body that will give birth to many worlds. This group is approved by the Creator to help worlds gain the highest achievements within their growth and power to create.

Michael literally means, “he who is like the Creator”. Michael deals directly with the Creator which makes him very understanding about all matters of creation and omniversal laws.


Archangel Michael is the personal protector of the Galighticus mission to bring light to this world.  He also has given many teachings and power to those who seek to make a difference in this world. When one uses his power, it is a great blessing to wield such a force.Michael has a celestial army of angels who protect the worlds of the universe from being ravaged by darkness.The Imperial Beacon is a direct link to him and is extremely powerful here and beyond the veil.