The MahaLakshmi – Ancestral Lineage Custodian – 8 Octillion



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The MahaLakshmi octillion note is specially built for the ancestral lineage custodians of the world. MahaLakshmi is a God of beauty, love and effulgent wealth.? Using this note aligns the user with the wonder that comes from the world of MahaLakshmi, Vaikuntha. It is one of the most elaborate paradise worlds. Sending your ancestors this signature allows them to strive for a higher achievement in the afterlife.



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Our ancestor money is ordained and Commissioned by the gods of wealth as well as the gods of death and ascension. Our world is riddled with all manner of ghosts from every stage from freshly created to near its own?extinction. This is a dangerous stage of being, even for this life force. When a ghost is almost finished living out the energy of residual life within its body, it can become very aggressive to the point where it causes erratic disturbances in order to gain more energy for its own survival. This happens on a daily basis. Remember there are approximately 7.5 billion alive people on the planet at this very moment. However there is over 10 times that in the presence of ghosts alone. Due to this spiritual fact, something this grave must be administered to deal with this issue. The Galighticus ancestral notes deal with, array of issues that affect all living on this planet. One of the things that?is achieved by constant burning of our ancestor money is to alleviate the unnecessary suffering of the dead. There are powerful signals and energies that are sent directly to the deceased to remind them that they do not have to form a ghost to haunt the living circumstance of their death, but rather move on to higher states of existence with the assistance of these ancestral notes.