The Lord Shiva – Godgahlahgong note



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This is a gigantic note that would take 3 and 1/2 minutes to explain just how large this particular number is. Well over 2feet long, The Godgahlahgong note has an eternal bandwidth upon it. It comes from a collaborative effort between Lord Shiva (the Destroyer) and Lord Thoth.

Therefore, it contains the power to transmit a large amount of light into a domain that can answer the desire of the performer of the ritual, if it is executed properly and with full intention. It took 2 years to back engineer the sequencing of this particular note, when Lord Shiva flashed it to Lord Thoth for production.

This is how the Gods interface. It is an entire ritual in itself. It makes the big gun look like a mere $10 bill. Lord Shiva and Grandfather Jade Emperor Have allowed us to have this kind of power. I thank these eternal beings for assisting us with our needs here on this hologram planet. There are very explicit instructions that accompany this powerful note.



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