Power Note Accelerator


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Description The Power Note Accelerator is a new gift I received to offer the world. When a spiritual modality is given to humans by the Gods, it is a great blessing. When the Gods see that the humans are indeed using that blessing for its intended purpose, the Gods add more power to the blessing which is the modality of ancestor money. The Jade Emperor and Sri Lakshmi have combined their power in this cross-pantheonic imperative.  The Power Note Accelerator is a combination of the Power Gun; the Big Gun; the Special Note; a giant burnt offering from the Three Immortal Ones, who are in fact eternal beings of light; sacred herbs; and a powerful incantation.It is in the shape of a pyramid, which is to be burned as shown. A green aqua flame will most likely emerge. It is the essence of the Jade Emperor. For best results, burn it at your altar every full moon to accelerate your cosmic, karmic score. This is a great way to show the Gods that you are serious about your karma. They have the power to bless you through this creation.


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