Power Gun 10 Quadrillion Note


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The POWER GUN is known as the Manifestation note. It is a $10,000,000,000,000,000 quadrillion-dollar Hell Bank note that packs a lot of Punch. It is a powerful way to send a large endowment of power, energy and offerings directly into the spiritual world of the ancestors.



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The Power Gun Note has also been designated to address lower frequencies that stall the flow of blessings to the living from the departed.

Another reason why the power gun note has a large size is to account for something called, the matriculation. There is a reduction in the amount that makes its way through the spiritual planes. The money that makes it into the hands of the ancestors is reduced quite a bit.

These notes also can be written on. Many requests can fit on the surface but never write on the face of the Jade Emperor.
These notes should be sent atlas once a week. As well as full moons, Solstice, Equinox and any of the gods or your Birthdays.


There is a tutorial video on the Galighticus YouTube channel. Click Here to view video. The eyes are the windows to the soul.
By observing a tribe of ancestral monies being burned, the energy of the Ancestral Money passes through the gates of your eyes directly to your lineage and ancestors that numbers hundreds of thousands, if not millions.


The Jade Emperor is known as the grandfather of this particular universe. As a high priest, I have a wonderful relationship with him. He has given me the permission and blessing, together with other participating Beings (who administer the system of the after worlds), to hasten the energy and purpose of the Ancestral Powers available through Galighticus.com.

The Jade Emperor has given a very special covenant to the Galighticus of accelerating the power of all our ancestral products. The ancestors have much sway over the flow of your life. The reflections of “spirit of lack” is the commonality people experience when they do not honor their ancestors. The suggested usage of this Ancestor Money Power Gun is at least once a week.

For More Information check out our article on Ancestor Money

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    The POWER GUN! What can I say. I feel a since of security and stability for my ancestors when I burn this particular ancestor bill. I love my ancestors so much and burning the Power Gun, I can immediately feel their gratitude.

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    Great Customer service.

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    Thank you

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    The best

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    Very Intense

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    After burning the Power Gun I noticed financial blessings from my ancestors instantly. I have blessings coming in all forms after burning this note.

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    Packaged well

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    Recieved Thank you

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    Love it

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    Great Service

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    Always a pleasure dealing with the Galighticus team.

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    Greetings, Galighticus is my favorite place to shop! I love all the products and the customer service is always fast to respond. And delivery is also very fast. Thanks again for everything that you do for the 144 much love and gratitude….

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    Just wow! Having a wonderful experience with this.

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