10 Million Dollar notes


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These notes are convenient in supplying a regular stream of energetic offering to your ancestors who have lived before you. They have given freely to you their gifts and DNA,in order for you to continue the overall lineage. It is known throughout all advanced cultures of your history, known and unknown, that a connection to the ancestral realm is one of the major keys to one’s success.  These notes are available in three-month supply, six-month supply, and one-year supply.  Please read the ancestor money blog for more detailed information about the covenant betwixt the Galighticus and the Jade Emperor.  (The blog title is, “How Can Ancestor Money from Galighticus Make Your Life Better?”)



For harnessing this powerful modality that will emancipate you from the most discouraging condition, that I refer to as “spirit of lack”. Spirit of lack affects the most well-meaning people. Most people live from paycheck to paycheck, and do not have enough financial stability to have a holiday whenever they so desire. With the modality of ancestor money, or “divine dollars” as I refer to them, I present to you a solution to the spirit of lack. Financial freedom for you and your entire lineage is possible through this modality.


HOW TO USE ANCESTOR MONEY.  There is an instructional video on the Galighticus YouTube channel.  (Search “Ancestor Money” or “Secrets of How to Burn Ancestor Money”.)  The eyes are the windows to the soul.  By watching a denomination of ancestor money burn, the energy of the ancestor money passes through the gates of your eyes directly to your physical lineage and ancestors that number in the hundreds of thousands if not millions. The Jade Emperor is known as the grandfather of this particular universe.  As a high priest, I have a wonderful rapport and connection with him. He has given me clearance and blessing along with other participant beings (who manage the system of the afterlife realms),of accelerating the energy and purpose of the ancestor money available through, MANY TIMES FOLD.

This modality can be performed on a daily basis, especially on Sunday. Your ancestors will receive large waves of prosperity and abundance in their world and on the lower astral planes of reality and hell states. Over a period of time, the energy of prosperity and abundance will reverberate directly back to you; sometimes it is instantaneous. Whatever the case, by sending your ancestors money on a daily basis, you are contributing to your own spiritual 401k, as well as honoring the natural flow of the universe, by honoring your ancestors that have sponsored you to become a physical body here on Earth.

It is also important to realize that by performing the ritual (RICH YOU ALL), the Jade Emperor, who lords over every dollar that comes to this world from his own celestial bank account, has accelerated the benefit of what these divine dollars are able to do. Even the God’s need permission from the heavenly courts to intercede on behalf of Earthlings who have self-imposed themselves into the presence of spirit of lack. The key of ancestor money unlocks the one who performs this ritual from the imprisonment of negative financial flow. I am very happy to be the warden who has made this available to people who previously knew nothing about the power of these divine dollars. Please burn responsibly at your ancestor altar.  This is the prescribed way to send ancestor money to your dearly departed, as well as your lineage known and unknown, as well as your friends’ ancestors.

If so desired,it is also important to realize that your human default programme will attempt, at every turn, to poison your resolve of sending money on a regular basis.  Do not allow this to happen. Please remember that this ritual becomes stronger and stronger the more frequently and regularly you perform it. Know that every time you send it, they receive it.  You may also ask your ancestors for proof that they have received it, and then open yourself up for the mysterious ways in which they can contact you to confirm this fact.For a spiritual consultation, please visit

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1 Month Supply, 3 Month Supply, 6 Month Supply, 12 Month Supply

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  1. Avatar
    (verified owner)

    I appreciated the fact that the notes were wrapped in incensed scented paper. The ancestors like it and I will continue purchasing in the future. Thank you!

  2. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied

  3. (verified owner)

    Works better than the other ancestor money I bought that was similar

  4. (verified owner)

    Wonderful as always!

  5. (verified owner)

    Dear Sir,
    I was very pleased that it arrived in the post in such a very short time. I would have liked notes on altar management as its my very first time. thank you very much for this great revelation. I had no idea about ancestors and alter management. please let me know when you will be in London so I don’t miss your session. Once again I am happy to offer the money to my known and unknown ancestors. Please send information in my e-mail.

    Soooooh muccccch love,

  6. (verified owner)

    Ancestor money is amazing.

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