Ancestors Altar Set


Many people who receive the ancestor altar and follow the instructions, find that they have a delightful change in their lives due to the potency of the elements of the altar set. Improvement follows the design of how and why one is divinely guided to obtain this set. The ancestors have much sway over the flow of goodness in your life. One must realize that without regular offerings, one faces inconsistencies in many areas due to the lack of connectivity with your sponsors, the ancestors.

Altar may include:

a vague description to protect what actually IS inside the set,

ancestor/egun Super KAnd-ELS,
three holy sacraments,
talisman generator,
certificate of sanctification,
three-month supply ancestor money,
burnt offerings (for your Divine Parents – the Gods that crafted your soul)

Please be advised that it may take up to 4 weeks for the altar sets to ship.


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All throughout the ages, humans have used the system of the altar to interface with many different galactic agencies that control the lower realms of which Terra(Earth) is one.? Having a real functional altar with the precise ingredients insures a lower risk of failing in areas of life where many unfortunately do. Ignorance is no excuse not to commune with your ancestors, as well as your patron adepts,whom are responsible for all the joys of your current life stream.

As a personal example, when I completed my Saturn return, I felt like I?d lost virtually everything and wanted to die. It was at that point when all I had was my spirituality and my altar.? I turned to it for solace and some kind of peace of mind.Over time, my life slowly began to form a true meaning. I began to attract people, events, and all things that would eventually place me back onto the rightful path of my highest destiny.

I have consulted many whom have lost much and have no direction spiritually. It was indeed my divine mother, Maha Laxmi, who suggested that I make this available to unsuspecting humans, to add this most important missing link to their lives.

All of the Galighticus 144,000 pre-ascending souls are required to have an altar and are instructed to do so by me.? They see improvements that would be unbelievable to most. Such is the power of the altar and what it can do for you.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Anthony Barnes (verified owner)

    I love my alter set up I just have a question regarding one Item

  2. 5 out of 5

    Leasy G. (verified owner)

    Very powerful set as soon as I opened the box I felt the energy of the contents spill out

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