The Celestial Beacon

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The Celestial Beacon is the latest addition of cosmic beacons. It embodies the power of a vast network of the gods and Angelic beings of the Galighticus movement.

Its power comes from in advanced Eco- system of magic that belongs to Lord Thoth, Lakshmi, and Auset known as ISIS, Lord Vishnu, KaliMa, Lord Ganesha, and Fortuna.

Each one comes with a code in order for the proper interface to ensue. Humans have 5 physical senses that they rely on. However, there are 12 higher non-physical senses that Earthlings are tricked out of using. They have been unplugged and heavily dissuaded from using them at all. This beacon has the ability to regenerate those senses through HyperNTR-EL? magic.

Using these higher 12 senses that will be triggered by the Celestial beacon? is a great way to begin to attract the attention of the Gods who are willing to assist in your growth.

The Celestial beacon also glows with a rich powerful solar frequency once it is in the sun raise for even a short time.


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Important Note.

Should death occur for the owner of this beacon. The death gate will open at the 5th dimension, which is a higher world, not the human afterlife or the duat.

The earthling life form is quite young in the expanse of all that there is, even within this particular Solar System. For example, money is the God of most unconscious earthlings. Earthlings have been fooled into working 40,60 almost 80 hours a week in service to this God. And many more serve a God that isn’t really a full God rather a demi God who postulated as a full God. The crime that has been committed here is a heavenly breach of epic proportion in that the lifespan of the earthling has been cut down to a mere fraction of its overall potential. This is written about in your Bible. What creator would do that to its creation? Obviously not one who has true and ever lasting power. Think about it, how could a prime creator be jealous of its own creation?

Also within this arrangement is the rare Ye Ming Xu stone. Its presence on this Beacon inspires physical well being, wealth manifestation, career achievements, and Athletics. It activates the liver Meridian. It improves strength, metabolism, circulation, Digestion as well as elimination.

Clears blocks restoring harmony. Stimulates Chi flow to out of the meridians. Balances, strengthens, and fortifies the aura. Raises energetic frequency and awareness. Enhances creative peak performance. This stone is in coded with energetic frequencies and akashic language of ancient Imperial Ming and Qing dynasty.

There are also 2 Divine Words of Power That will en soul the power of this Celestial beacon. It will be activated by SMGG himself. Once he has spoken the dwop into the artifact, it is activated. You may continue to use this DWOP before bed and during meditation anytime you wish. You will receive any Akashik data that your spirit-guides wish for you to have. The downloads will enter your consciousness in unexpected ways. Therefore it is better to have no preconceived expectations.

This will draw into your consciousness what your divine PARENTS WISH TO COMMUNICATE TO YOU. This exercise will prepare you to funnel the communication from the upper tiers of your consciousness into your conscious mind. Much of what we do is dictated by the unconscious mind and what is placed there by other parts of your own beingness. Beingness is a celestial term that describes the unformed version of you. The primordial aspect of what is not trapped inside your body. That part of you knows nothing about fear, limits, death or struggle of any kind.