Mega Beacon


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    I AM a Student of the Benevolent Sri Master Gano Grills. Under his Spiritual direction I was instructed to go pick my Mega Cosmic Beacon. For me EYE resonated with Lord Hanuman. After completing the 7 day ritual I have noticed the following.
    The money I spent on the Beacon was returned to me that week.
    My prayers in front of my Alter are answered in an amazing amount of time, almost instantly.
    My business was placed on a solid ground.
    I reached financial freedom. All praises to the GOD”S and Goddess’s. I am not rich but I could go pay cash for a house and not worry about it.
    You would think those things were enough. The miracle.
    I was being blocked in my visions and my access to my spiritual parents and I didn’t understand why. I prayed in front of my Alter while wearing my Beacon. I prayed that it be revealed to me. That night I was in a car accident. A young student hit me and in the back and put my trunk in the backseat. For the most part I thought my injuries were minor. While waiting on the police to arrive I contemplated why this would happen to ME. Understanding that EYE AM blessed. I looked for the lesson. Got the police report and went to work. Met a co-worker who told me a story of this attorney that got him all this money from his accident. I thought nothing of it. The next morning the Attorney called me. Set me up all these appointments without me even asking.
    I went to the Chiropractor and he took an X-ray of my spinal cord. He said this cant be right. Made me take a second one. When we looked at it my Spinal Cord it was jacked up. The Spinal Cord is very important because it houses your Spiritual Centers and access to your pineal gland. My blockage was not a spiritual one but a physical one. He told me he could have me fixed in 6 weeks. You know the significance of the number 6.
    EYE AM 2 weeks in the therapy and my meditations are extremely intense already. I look forward to meeting my Divine Spiritual Parents.
    They healed my body
    They healed my finances
    They are working on my spirit.

    EYE AM part of THE 144,000

    Love YOU SMGG and EYE AM looking forward to EGYPT

  2. I want to look into going to see a chiropractor as well. Thank you for your testimony! Your light will help others to follow there path. As

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