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I met a woman when I was in Egypt who was a chronic insomniac. She had not slept a full night’s sleep in 7 years. A dear friend of mine and I visited her hotel room, and I performed several celestial touches upon her with Kundalini Reiki. Lastly, I sealed in the celestial touch with holy oil on seven points of her body. When my friend and I were finished, the woman was out like a light.

I saw this woman 2 days later in the lobby, and she leaped into my arms full of jubilation. She said she had been asleep for 2 days and asked how much did she owe me? I immediately heard Lord Thoth’s voice in my head say, “Congratulations,that was your 7th initiation.”  “Nothing,”I said to the woman.  “It is my pleasure to serve you.”

Margret is this woman’s name, and she and her husband are retired chemists residing in Belgium. Khem is the original name of Egypt.  Lord Thoth is the master of alKHEMy (alchemy).  This was yet one of the many projections from the Gods themselves. Thank you, Lord Thoth.

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    The Holy Oil I received is excellent. I use it every time I go to my altar or before I leave home. I can feel it’s power and I feel protection when I use it. Thank you SMGG and the Galighticus Family.

  2. (verified owner)

    I use this to clear some the headaches I get from day to day activities.

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