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  • Baldr Kronos

    Baldr is a powerful Norse God of Asgaard.
    Kronos is a God that creates time.
    This program represents the highest echelon of my teachings and powers.
    The powers have been coalescing in…

    • EUR: €10,753.20
    • GBP: £9,764.40
    • CNY: ¥86,592.00
  • Lord Ganesh Spiritual Bath and Empowerment

    Throughout the course of the day, we are among the influence of many kinds of energies. Some are parasitic, vampire, draining and downright taxing on the aura, which is…

    • EUR: €44.81
    • GBP: £40.69
    • CNY: ¥360.80
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  • Galighticus Discourses #1

    This series of discourses is a must for anyone who is ready for more spiritual knowledge and cosmic awareness. This series covers a wide range of topics from the…

    • EUR: €89.61
    • GBP: £81.37
    • CNY: ¥721.60
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  • HyperNTR-EL Teachings Volume #2

    When one has the proper planetary alignments to travel and partake in world travel, one regains knowledge of past lives. HyperNTR-EL teachings are specifically designed to give the listener…

    • EUR: €89.61
    • GBP: £81.37
    • CNY: ¥721.60
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  • Ochun KAnd-EL

    • EUR: €35.84
    • GBP: £32.55
    • CNY: ¥288.64
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  • Altar Start-Up set

    Time to stop short-changing your ancestors and yourself. It was indeed my divine mother, Sri Lakshmi, who gave the Galighticus the template for how to create the effects and…

    • EUR: €224.03
    • GBP: £203.43
    • CNY: ¥1,804.00
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  • Past Lifeology

    Despite what you may have been taught through the advent of religion in the West, or even your formal education. There is too much eternity within our local universe…

    • EUR: €358.44
    • GBP: £325.48
    • CNY: ¥2,886.40