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  • Ancestors Altar Set

    Many people who receive the ancestor altar and follow the instructions, find that they have a delightful change in their lives due to the potency of the elements of…

    • EUR: €355.56
    • GBP: £307.45
    • CNY: ¥2,682.49
  • Lord Ganesha Transducer Medallion

    The Transducer is the newest spiritual technology that allows one to input a refined resonance of the Gods into their lives, to build a rapport with the higher realities. …

    • EUR: €311.11 - €555.56
    • GBP: £269.02 - £480.39
    • CNY: ¥2,347.18 - ¥4,191.39
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  • ArchAngel Uriel Oil of Divine vision

    Uriel’s name means, “God is light,” “God’s light,” or “fire of God,” because he illuminates situations and gives prophetic information and warnings. For example, Uriel warned Noah of the…

    $50.00 $40.00
    • EUR: €35.56
    • GBP: £30.74
    • CNY: ¥268.25
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  • Artemis KAnd-EL

    Artemis is one of the great divinities of the Greeks. Her name is usually derived from Artemēs, uninjured, healthy, and vigorous; according to which she would be the Goddess who…

    • EUR: €35.56
    • GBP: £30.74
    • CNY: ¥268.25
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  • Love bath

    I have counseled many people around the world and have found that many have broken hearts.

    The heart is the single most important engine within the body.  When it is…

    • EUR: €44.44
    • GBP: £38.43
    • CNY: ¥335.31
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  • Hathor Fertility KAnd-EL

    She is known as “the mistress of heaven” or “the celestial nurse”.  As “the mother of mothers”, she was the Goddess of women, fertility, children and childbirth. She has…

    • EUR: €26.67
    • GBP: £23.06
    • CNY: ¥201.19
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  • Galighticus Discourses #2

    It only takes one precious jewel of a word in the right context, or the perfect metaphor to break down years of complex, misunderstood spiritual truths. The appointed tongue…

    • EUR: €133.33
    • GBP: £115.29
    • CNY: ¥1,005.93
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  • Sekmet KAnd-EL

    Sekhmet is known as the “lioness mother” and early solar deity.  She dawns a solar disk. She is known as the avenger of wrongs as well as the ruler…

    • EUR: €35.56
    • GBP: £30.74
    • CNY: ¥268.25
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  • Holy Oil

    I met a woman when I was in Egypt who was a chronic insomniac. She had not slept a full night’s sleep in 7 years. A dear friend of mine and…

    $75.00 $60.00
    • EUR: €53.33
    • GBP: £46.12
    • CNY: ¥402.37
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