Did you know that you have super powers?

Did you know that you have super powers?


Did you know that many thousands of years ago, your DNA strands were deactivated, and rendered your multidimensional aspects useless?? You?are capable of far more than you?have been taught. Receiving this particular modality will expose you to some of those abilities of your multidimensional self. Many are the testimonies of Galighticus initiates from around the world, who have rediscovered their intrinsic abilities.

Our Creator has intended for us to reach a level of mastery over the period of many lifetimes, or simply one. The choice of free will is all yours to choose how much of the mastery you will allow yourself to experience. Happy am I to initiate those who seek more from this lifetime.



The demi-Gods that fashioned your current form also unplugged your 12 strand DNA, leaving you?97% dormant, hence the scientific term ?Junk DNA?.As a result, humanity as a whole is 13,000 years behind schedule. This is a grave condition to be in.

Your ancients left their children (you) megaliths, teachings, clues and signs as to what should be done in order to wake up from your deep slumber. The Kundalini Reiki form is one of the many keys that unlock the dormant faculties within you. It is no different from when off-world beings came from our future to offer us the ankh, caduceus, and many other technologies that speed up human advancement.

I like to analogize the Kundalini Reiki form as the simplest and most powerful form of reiki, as the Droid or iPhone compared to the regular cellphone. It has six different systems: DNA, Birth Trauma, Location, Past Life, Diamond & Crystalline Reiki concentrated in one, therefore making the recipient fortunate indeed. Our ancients taught us that the Kundalini serpent sits in the base chakra waiting to be awakened, so that it may awaken you. Having this energy in your system is a giant step towards you becoming a higher being. It will also allow you to heal yourself, loved ones, clients, animals, karmic disturbances, situations, etc. ?It will not interfere with any of your current beliefs, modalities or practices. Yet it will enhance any energy exchange. Doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, veterinarians, trainers, and therapists can all amplify the positive results of their work.

I am deeply humbled to bear this blessing.? Also, the modality of Kundalini Reiki is quite wonderful. I have lots of testimonials to support its value.? All three levels, certificate, manual, and pendulum are ONLY $450?That is an abnormally affordable exchange for a modality, considering, other reiki systems charge thousands for this modality.

Kundalini Reiki is extremely powerful and compact.? As I?ve said before, it represents the iPhone or Droid compared to the regular cellphone or rotary phone.? So, there we have it.? Master Kuthumi, who is the Maha Cohan and controller of the second ray, is the being who has made this energy possible to our world. He was very active in ancient Egypt as was Tehuti, aka Lord Thoth, who was responsible for taking the Lemurian and Atlantean knowledge and culture, and setting up the Khemite, Egyptian Empire that produced mental giants and scholars all around the world.

They have amplified the level of energies I am sending to all the initiates, due to my latest trip to Egypt.? The initiates will see their past lives, ancestors, and higher selves which can be quite moving and emotional.

I?ve initiated people from all around the world and gone all around the world to initiate people who have incarnated to help cleanse Mother Earth for ascension. I am looking to initiate as many people as possible so that our dear Mother Terra does not have to go into a cataclysmic state to rid?the darkness from her surface, and we won?t have to go through a very uncomfortable pole shift.

These initiations are divinely orchestrated in that people have signed up for this pre-birth. So, when you feel drawn to, or called to this initiation from a deep level, that is the reason why.

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