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Galighticus Ancestor Money


Ancestor Money, Hell Notes, Divine Dollars, Celestial Cash

When I first heard of ancestor money, I was immediately intrigued by the concept of it. I looked up everything and anything that I could find about it, only to come to the conclusion that there was not much to offer. As I continued my search in earnest, I found out that it is more commonly known as “hell notes” or “Joss paper”.

I then went and studied the patron deity that is associated with the hell notes, known as the Jade Emperor. It is not a commonly known name among the Chinese.  Rather, it is the English interpretation of what his name is in Chinese. I have a friend who, at the time,made offerings to the Jade Emperor six months before I started. He told me that one day the statue had smiled at him, and he thought he was going crazy.  He did not know the meaning of this bizarre occurrence. I immediately knew that the Jade Emperor had accepted the consistency of his offerings and offered him a quantum experience to solidify the acceptance. This resulted in a permanent change in the finances of my friend at the time. This inspired me to also make my own connection with the Jade Emperor. When I researched the cost of his statues, I found out that they were quite expensive and beyond my budget at the time. So, the next best thing for me to do was to incorporate the Jade Emperor into my fire meditations. I also burned hell notes on a regular basis for my ancestors to receive the benefit of its power.

One day in 2012, my efforts paid off; because when I went into one of my daily fire meditations, I shifted gears in my consciousness to find myself in a void, and a giant Jade Emperor was floating in front of me. I stared at him in complete awe, and then I came back to my senses. I do not know how long I was gone, but I do know that I was downloaded with a lot of information that was broadcast to me by the resonance of the Jade Emperor. The very first thing that was received by my sensibility was the sum of $100 million. And then I had a series of dreams about the Jade Emperor upon which he imparted ways that I can improve my connection with him.

I began to make daily offerings to the image of the Jade Emperor. I also wanted very much to have the same effect that my friend had with him. As I reflect back on it now, I did receive much more than what my friend did.Dare I say that the moment I was successful at making contact with the Jade Emperor, he graciously impressed upon my mind $100 million.  That was a gift of a future promise, based on my actions to draw it into my reality. The potential of $100 million was granted immediately.The Gods are amazing at the ability they have to create a complete event and the highest dimension, for you to draw into your reality.

On January 9, 2016, the very first Angels,Gods and Altars seminar was given in New York City. The Jade Emperor was celebrated because of his birthday.It has been several years that I have worked for and with the Jade Emperor, to overturn the massive financial backlog of the ancestral realms.  Since then, he has given me, thousands of people, and trillions of ancestors, the benefit of this wonderful modality.He has also taught me many different ways to use this technology. It is important for people to understand that I am an authority on ancestor money, simply because I have a real connection with the God that controls the modality. There are some people on YouTube that do not have that same connection. Therefore, much of what is espoused is flat and devoid of real power.The Jade Emperor has graciously amplified and accelerated every dollar that is obtained through the Galighticus. There are dozens of testimonials regarding the 180 that is made when people received ancestor money from Galighticus.

A useful analogy would be, “there are hoopties, and there are Lamborghinis”. Galighticus ancestor money would be the refined, polished, powerful energy of a Lamborghini.  Why not give your ancestors the best?For they in turn will give you their best.Contrary to what some may believe, Earthly dollars have very little power, if any, in the spiritual world. Why is this? That is quite simple.  It is because Earth money, of any region, is riddled with all kinds of negative energies upon which it was made in the first place. Therefore, when that energy is sent into the spirit world, it could be immediately rejected. However, ancestor money was specifically made to bypass the limitations of Earthly dollars. The money was designed solely for the purpose of giving the benefit to the ancestors as well as providing an offering to the Gods themselves. When ancestor money is burned, it is common to see a green or blue flame. This is the energy of the Jade Emperor.

For best results, once you have received your ancestor money from Galighticus, be sure to follow this regimen:

At the very beginning of your day, before you do anything, go to your altar and light your Super KAnd-EL.  Then burn 3 denominations of ancestor money.  Then at the very end of your day, before you go to bed, take another 3 denominations and burn it. The significance of doing this is that you are making a deposit into the spiritual world at the beginning of your day and at the end of your day. When people want to have a cushion of financial freedom, they deposit money into the bank so that they may draw upon it when the time is necessary. This is what you will be doing when you make these regular deposits into the spiritual world as offerings to your ancestors and to the Gods.

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