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Most powerful Ancestor Money

ONLY ancestor money from Galighticus has not only Grandfather Jade Emperors personal touch.

Recent Products & Services

  • Beacon Repair

    • EUR: €132.51
    • GBP: £120.14
    • CNY: ¥1,084.50
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  • The Celestial Beacon

    The Celestial Beacon is the latest addition of cosmic beacons. It embodies the power of a vast network of the gods and Angelic beings of the Galighticus movement.

    Its power…

    $3,000.00 $2,600.00
    • EUR: €2,296.84
    • GBP: £2,082.34
    • CNY: ¥18,798.00
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  • The Kwan Yin – Divine Offerings – ?844 Duodecillion

    The ?844 Duodecillion note? A whopping 39 zeros follow this fantastic number of ?844 pound. KwanYin and Amitahba deliver copious amounts of financial compassion and Buddic light to the…

    • EUR: €17.67 - €176.68
    • GBP: £16.02 - £160.18
    • CNY: ¥144.60 - ¥1,446.00
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  • The Lord Shiva – Godgahlahgong note

    This is a gigantic note that would take 3 and 1/2 minutes to explain just how large this particular number is. Well over 2feet long, The Godgahlahgong note has…

    • EUR: €154.60 - €1,757.97
    • GBP: £140.16 - £1,593.79
    • CNY: ¥1,265.25 - ¥14,387.70
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Sale Products & Services

  • ArchAngel Uriel Oil of Divine vision

    Uriel’s name means, ?God is light,? ?God’s light,? or ?fire of God,? because he illuminates situations and gives prophetic information and warnings. For example, Uriel warned Noah of the…

    $50.00 $40.00
    • EUR: €35.34
    • GBP: £32.04
    • CNY: ¥289.20
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  • TOUBA Force of High Blessings

    All over the world there are countries that are predominantly Muslim. This means that they are required to make prayers every day. This is one of the 5 Islamic…

    $700.00 $500.00
    • EUR: €441.70
    • GBP: £400.45
    • CNY: ¥3,615.00
  • The Auset – Big Gun – ?48 Nonillion

    The Auset nonillion ? note give the financial ashe (divine blessings) ?into infinity and forever, meaning that all ancestors receive. No matter how far back in the lineage. This…

    • EUR: €26.50 - €265.02
    • GBP: £24.03 - £240.27
    • CNY: ¥216.90 - ¥2,169.00
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  • MahaLakshmi Ancestor Gold Bullion

    $500.00 $300.00
    • EUR: €265.02
    • GBP: £240.27
    • CNY: ¥2,169.00
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Read reviews from around the world.


Read testimonials from around the world.


David Saavreda

Hello SRI Master Gano Grills, Ever since the seminar and obtaining my divine beacon I’ve been having dreams that its night time every time i dream, its been happening 5 nights straight and your teaching me and others in a class room also.


Sonia Parnell (R.H.N., R. Irid.)

Greetings Sri Master Gano Grills, Thank you once again for the firm consultation. Last evening and your gifting of the ancestral money. I had a dream last night after the consult. I saw 3 statues of MahaLakshmi, one tall one, one medium one and one of her laying on the ground. I acknowledged all three but I picked up the one on the ground. There were also wooden elephants; they seem to have had a holder on their side with water and floating burning candles inside. What does this mean? I truly need some guidance about my path. I feel somewhat confuse. Thank you for all you do.


Darlene Tavares

After the FIRST time I spoke with you over the phone, when I wen to sleep, I saw YOU as a pure gold version of how you look now…BUT you were at least 20 feet tall. I was just in awe of your brilliance and stature. You were completely animated as a human as well. All you said to me in that form was “You know”. It was telepathic though. Then I woke up. I’ve always had issue with praying to a son of a God that I really never knew enough about to even accept as one I should even be praying to. I always questioned, that if Jesus is the son of God and we are all god’s children, then wouldn’t that make me be praying to my brother instead of my Father…and wouldn’t that suggest that I too might possibly be a Demi-Goddess if my brother Jesus was one…IJS…No calculator can add up so much of what we have been taught. My thoughts…

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Read ratings from around the world.

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